Working From Home – How to make it happen?

Work from home has not been an alien concept so to say. There are freelancers who have been doing just that for a very long time. The outbreak of SARS-COV 2 has forced most companies to allow their employees to work remotely. Governments have declared a total shut of non-essential businesses so even more companies joined the ranks, it was necessary as well. A lot of companies are genuinely concerned of their employees health.

working from home
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A lot of us are happy about getting the opportunity to work from home considering everything that is going on, staying in the safety of our homes can be the best thing. Having said that, it can be quite difficult to be efficient and effective because most of us are not used to it.

How to make it happen?

As difficult as it may seem, it is possible to be home and be productive as well. All we got to do is to stick to the routine and make some minor changes. We will have to admit that it is going to save us money from being out there, those little daily expenses can be avoided by working from home.

This amazing guide to work from home will surely get you going.

Let’s get a notebook & a pen, write this down. Put it on your refrigerator to see it every morning and follow these steps. Even better, bookmark this page so you can go through it every day before starting up.

Wake Up!

Thinking of sleeping in and waking up a few minutes before the work day starts. You are not wrong in thinking that, being just 2 mins away from the computer/laptop and it won’t take much time to get started. As a matter of fact, when we go out for work – It usually takes quite sometime to get into the right frame of mind. Am i right?

waking up a few minutes before
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Well, follow the same schedule wake up in advance so you get enough time to energize, see the smiling faces of your family and get in the right head space. Have a healthy breakfast followed by a coffee or tea to help you kick-start your day.

Get Ready for Work

This is a good one. Take shower before you start your day, get ready, wear something comfortable at the same time dress well. This is something which is crucial to feel that you are going to be working through the day/night.

get ready for work
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Some people require to be available on video conference, there is no point in rushing last minute to get dressed and look the best. That just creates inconvenience and stress which can be easily avoided by just planning it in advance.

Create a work-space at home.

This is not only for aesthetics but more for creating the work environment. I remember as friends when we worked together, we would casually make fun and complain that we should get couches or reclining chairs so we can work comfortably. It sounds like the dream come true when working from home. However, the idea is to stay focused both physically and mentally to deliver good results.

Creating a work space will help (Mentally) you to differentiate between the work and leisure areas at home. It’s about making some minor changes and shifts in the furniture that will give you a corner to peacefully work and be attentive. Put up a sign, a clock or anything that makes it look like your office desk. We wouldn’t want to feel nostalgic and zone out.

Plan & Action – Organize

We normally have a mental plan for completing the daily tasks as far as work goes. Working from home doesn’t exempt you from your performance matrix, it may be relaxed in some cases but not fully. At the end of day, you need to be able to meet your daily requirements of workload.

Plan & Organize your work from home
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In a similar fashion, plan when you want to break for lunch or coffee. Planning and sticking to the schedule will help you work more efficiently by giving you a target to complete before you can take the next break.

Food on my mind!

Easy access to the refrigerator full of snacks and drinks. What else can we ask for? We need to be looking at eating choices a little differently. We do not have external stimulants to energize us and keep us going. So counting on food to fulfill our required energy levels ensuring that we remain healthy at the same time.

food to fulfill our required energy levels
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Eating healthy whether we are at working from home or office should be important. Think in terms of nutrition and other vital benefits that food offer. Remember that we are trying work in a relaxed environment and eating the right kind of food will definitely keep you focused along with keeping you in shape.

Take a Break, will you?

Remember the schedule we made earlier during the day. Let’s put it to use now. We are comfortable at home with no colleagues asking you go take a break with them. It is easier to fall prey to the fact that you would continue to work, we created that schedule for a reason. You need to rejuvenate after a few hours, refresh your mind and body.

taking a break when working from home
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The benefit of creating a separate work- space at home was also to disconnect from the work area momentarily. Walk out, get a coffee, spend sometime with your family (including pets) and head to the balcony, get some fresh air. Balancing these little things is the key to a successful work from home experience.

Missing some entertainment?

Yes, entertainment! I don’t mean watching movies or television series, we are trying to work right? Now that does not mean that we can’t do anything to entertain ourselves. Have you seen the recent videos of people everywhere recording funny or dance videos with their families and sharing it with the world. That could be fun!

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This is also a perfect opportunity to use technology available at our disposal. Make video conference calls to your colleagues, check in with them and see how they are doing. Share the things that you are doing to make it happen. You know what else is a good idea, share this blog post with them so they could as well benefit from it. Share your home office pictures, Instagram it and make it fun. At the same time, be mindful of using the data service to reduce the overall load on the bandwidth so that the other people who are working home do not get affected.

End the day with a bang!

Ending of the day is as important as the beginning. When you balance and pace yourself, it should be easy to wrap up from work just in time. We can make sure that all the day end reports are prepared and compiled a little ahead of time so that you have room for some last minute changes.

happy day end
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A lot of commuting time is saved and gives you a few extra hours. Let that not tempt you in staying logged in for longer than required. You did great job in staying the course to get through the day. You can keep those extra hours for days when there is a higher workload and need.

Finally, it’s family time.

The motive of work from home is to stay safe and if this is going to be a permanent option for some, then establishing some ground rules will be very helpful. Shut down your work related tools and emails, disconnect it if you can especially on a personal computer.

It’s time to give those extra hours to your family, cook and eat together. Have fun and just unwind. Get ample rest to recover from the day’s work. Take it easy and don’t forget to relax or meditate or work out. These are trying times so let’s look what’s important in our lives and make changes for a peaceful life. Be Kind, Be Happy & Be Compassionate!

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Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
1 year ago

Good guide to follow up for working from home people.

Steve Anc
1 year ago

There are a misconception about working from home, but this post outdo them all.
Well written!

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