Who Or What Makes Me Beautiful?

Who Or What Makes Me Beautiful?

Beauty is subjective. Who or What makes us beautiful will vary from one person to another. In this 15 days challenge, today I’ll share who or what makes me beautiful.

I am an introverted person with mild social anxiety. That means I avoid reaching out to people, even when I need help. In addition, look for all possible reasons to cancel plans last minute. It’s just how it works with people like us.

Living alone and can give out the impression that a person is lonely. However, I don’t feel lonely and on the contrary, I tend to enjoy my own company. I indulge in various hobbies and find reasons to love myself regardless of the flaws and imperfections.

Having said that, it makes it really difficult for my friends and loved ones to understand these things. At times, they tend to believe that I avoid them personally and being distant. Of course, I don’t expect them to understand what I go through because I would feel exactly the same way.

In spite of these differences, my friends have always been by my side whether it’s happiness or sadness.

To answer the original question, my friends (Who) make me beautiful because they truly are wonderful and how I treat myself (What) makes it too.

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