What’s My Most Embarrassing Moment?

What's My Most Embarrassing Moment?

I am not entirely sure how to talk about my most embarrassing moment. It’s something that we all have been through and to be honest quite a difficult one to openly admit them.

Considering that I am in the middle of this challenge and it’s simply unavoidable, I guess I am gonna have to take the red pill and tell you the truth.

A few years ago, I had a lot of alcohol. Not that I had a drinking problem but then it was a thing we did at the time. Mostly partying and going out of control. There have been plenty of occasions when I have woken up without remembering substantial parts of the previous nights. I know, guilty!

One of days, I woke up in my car without a clue as to where I was. Then I notice that one my friends was in the car with me. Late at night, we decided to take a road trip and head to the hills (Guilty, again). Apparently, I got to a stage that I couldn’t drive anymore because I could see double of everything.

After waking, my friend told me that we had a huge argument about not taking such a trip considering that we both were drunk out of control. Of course, there was going to be only one winner and unfortunately that was me. We had driven for over 100 kms before we decided to stop in the middle to take a nap that lasted 6 hours. With the AC on, we ran out of gas and we then we walk for 8 kms to find a gas station.

There wasn’t anyone that was willing to take 2 still partially drunk or hungover fellas with them. This I think has been the most embarrassing moment of my life.

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