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What Is Famotidine and Will It Help Treat Covid-19?

What Is Famotidine and Will It Help Treat Covid-19?

The entire world is either forced or sensibly staying at home. Why? We want to stop the spread of the virus so it buys enough time for the scientists to develop a vaccine. If we are going to win this, then finding a cure is of an utmost priority. Doctors are talking about a commonly consumed drug “Famotidine” and it may help treat Coronavirus.

The situation we are in right is nothing but a race against time. If we don’t have a vaccine soon, then the future looks unfavorable. That has also caused an intense load of burden on scientists working to fix this. Unavoidably, a substantial weight falls on their shoulder.

Not to mention the over-burdened healthcare workers constantly struggling to help those in need. Famotidine has to come to the rescue this time, reputed doctors are favoring it.

What Is Famotidine?

Famotidine is a fairly common heartburn medicine, an over the counter drug. A popular brand selling the drug is pepcid. Gastroesophageal reflux disease happens the acid in your stomach reaches the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach.

This usually causes a burning sensation in your chest and sometimes burping too. Famotidine is a histamine 2 receptor blocker. It works by blocking the receptor which reduces the amount of acid that reduces your stomach.

Will It Help Treat Covid-19?

Recently, Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling announced that scientists are working on a trial for formotidine. They have reasonable confidence and hope that it will make a huge difference in treating Covid-19 patience.

Currently, nearly 200 patients have enrolled for the trial, he added. The trial uses 9 times the amount of the famotidine administered through veins. These trial have been conducted since April 7th but were kept under the wraps. The early results of the trial should out a couple of weeks.

Stock at amazon quickly sold out as soon as the announcement happened. Everyone’s is in desperate situation to find something that will help protect them from the infection.

Similarly, hydroxychloroquine appeared to be a game changer as well. President Trump announced and called for celebration fell straight to the ground when it failed deliver the results.

Northwell Health said that they have the necessary stock to facilitate the clinical trials.

What Is Famotidine and Will It Help Treat Covid-19?

Kevin Tracey, MD, president of Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health worked during earlier outbreak in China. According to him, 1 out of 5 patients over the age of 80 had died due to severe infection. However, the ones survived were taking famotidine.

From these findings, US scientists are encouraged to test this drug for full potential. Whereas, proper studies on the Chinese patients have not been published yet.

Considering that the COVID-19 affects lungs and respiratory system, an anti-acid reflux drug seems to be a long shot. Dr. Tracey also pointed out that there have been cases when a drug manufactured for purpose turned to cure another disease.


Will Famotidine help in treating Covid-19? It is too early to ascertain any facts at the moment. Especially with the absence of test results from the clinical trials. The results may be discouraging or they may take us by surprise. Let’s hope for the best.

At the moment, everything is up for a trial, we are going through a microscopic view to find a suitable vaccine. An important message for people is not to fall prey for anything that suggests the use of medicine to cure the infection.

These drugs have to test in a safe environment by healthcare experts. Let’s hope that famotidine has the ability to treat covid-19 because the catastrophe has cost us enough already. Follow your precautionary steps to stay safe and healthy, maintain social distance.

If you find yourself with lack of hope and faith, read my other posts that will sure lift your spirits up.

We are kind and brave.

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8 months ago

omgg I didn’t even know about this until now. I have never head of this drug before. Woah! Thank you for sharing this information. This is all so overwhelming, hope it ends soon.

Take care! Stay safe 🙂

8 months ago

I hope this gets over soon!

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