Tripura – Where Nature Meets Culture

Tripura - Where Nature Meets Culture

Tripura is a small hilly state with alluring beauty situated in the north-eastern part of India. The state is a mixture of different religious groups and tribal culture. Like every other state of the North East, Tripura has also a variety of unexplored tourist destinations with marvelous beauty.

In this series of travel blogs about Northeastern India, we wanted to show you the incredible beauty and an amalgamation of culture. All in one place.

The delightful gardens, glorious hill ranges, lush green forests, fascinating rivers, beautiful temples, amazing lakes make this state a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Here Are The Top 7 Destinations To Visit In Tripura.


Chabimura in Tripura

One of the most amazing tourist attractions of the state is Chabimura. It is called ‘The Amazon of Tripura’ because of its alluring beauty and elegance. The lush green forests, mysterious caves, the glorious river makes it a paradise for nature lovers. While boating, you will see thick green forests and huge carved images of gods on both sides of the river.

There are also two mysterious caves which are a mixture of thrill and adventure. Locals believe that the caves are the paths to heaven and also felt some attractive fragrances inside the caves. The elegant beauty of its dazzling waterfalls will leave you in awe. The visitors also enjoy here the local cuisines which are absolutely delicious.


Neermahal in Northeast India

Situated in the middle of fascinating Rudrasagar Lake, Neermahal is famous as the lake palace of the state. The white architectural beauty surrounded by bluish water is simply a heaven for travel lovers. King Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya had built this palace and he used to spent time here with his family during the summer days.

The palace has dazzling flowerbeds and lawns which add to the beauty of this place. Visitors can spend their evenings watching charming light and sound shows. Moreover, there are some water sports activities in the palace premises which make it a perfect place for adventure and thrill.

Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple

This splendid temple situated in the Gomati District of Tripura is nearly 500 years old. Being one of the 51 shakti peethas, Tripura Sundari Temple has its own historical importance. It is believed that the toe of the right foot of Goddess Sati fell into this place. Thousands of tourists visit this temple to offer prayers to Kali Devi.

In fact, the Matabari temple is one of the major tourist attractions of the state. The matabari temple is flooded by a huge number of devotees during the Diwali festival. All owing to its beauty and history.

Dumboor Lake

Dumboor lake

Another majestic tourist destination of Tripura is the Dumboor lake. The lake looks like tabor shaped tiny drum of Lord Shiva and hence the name of the lake originated. The lush green islets inside the lake and the surrounding hills are enough to fill your mind with joy.

In addition, there is also an eye-catching waterfall which attracts a huge number of tourists every year. During winter, a variety of migratory birds attribute towards the place adding to the beauty of the place. Boating facilities are also available to enjoy the captivating surrounding beauty of the lake.

Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills is one of the major attractions of Tripura. Located about 200 km away from the capital city of the state, the hills are at a height of 1000 meters above sea level. The sunrise and sunset view from different viewpoints of Jampui hills is simply amazing.

During the winter season, the hills are covered with floating clouds making a perfect atmosphere for photographers to capture the beauty of this place. Moreover, an Orange festival is celebrated during the month of November which attracts a good number of tourists



Unakoti is a site of pilgrimage which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Hidden in the deep forests of Tripura, Unakoti is believed to be about 11-13 centuries old. There are several sculptures of God and Goddesses which are the main attractions of this place. The most revered of all is the beautiful carving of Lord Shiva which is about 30 ft long.

Besides the rock-cut sculptures, there are also scattered ruins of ancient temples which add to the uniqueness of this place. A huge number of pilgrims visit this place Makar Sankranti, Shivratri, and Ashokashtam visit this place to take a dip in the sita kunda.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a plethora of wildlife species including primates and birds making it a perfect place for wildlife lovers. Along with the captivating natural beauty, there are various lakes where tourists can enjoy boating. You will find here spectacled monkeys which are rare species nowadays.

The place is a complete tourist package with elephant joy-rides, botanical garden, boating, zoo, orchid garden, rubber plantations, migratory birds, and many more. Having said that it’s a perfect picnic spot to spend quality time with family and friends

Conclusion: Apart from the places mentioned above, there are also other places like Ujjayanta Palace, Chittagong Hills, Ummaneshwar Temple, Heritage Park, Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Tripura Government Museum, Buddha Temple, and many more.

The state is also known for its local tribal cuisines like Mui Borok, Bangui rice, fish strews fermented fish, etc. If you ever visit North East, make a small trip to Tripura and enjoy its amazing beauty and culture.

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