6 Toxic Habits You Need To Quit To Live A Peaceful Life In 2021

6 Toxic Habits You Need To Quit To Live A Peaceful Life In 2021

Personal development is a constant process. It is not like something you work on a day or a week and reap the benefit for a lifetime. Moreover, personal development is not just about inculcating good habits. It also includes getting rid of bad or toxic habits. You need to constantly work on both ways for your overall development. 

Good habits can make your life, whereas bad or toxic habits can break your life. Every little habit adds value to your life, either positive or negative. Knowing the ways of developing good habits is quite easy. However, often people find themselves stuck in the web of bad habits. These habits slowly turn toxic and destroy the peace of people.

Our habits play a significant role in interfacing with our goals. There have been various studies and plenty of successful people talk about this.

Let us go through some of the toxic habits people need to get rid of to enhance their quality of life:

1. Overthinking

Overthinking can be one of the toxic habits

Several people are the victim of overthinking. People have the habit of thinking a lot about every little or big decision of their life. But the truth is if you keep on thinking then chances are high that you will end up making the wrong decision.

Overthinking develops self-doubt which is never a good sign for personal development. Once you start overthinking, you start questioning every decision of your life. This toxic habit ultimately harms your confidence.

So start working on this bad habit from now. Just start with little decisions such as shopping for your personal stuff without wasting too much time or choosing the ice cream flavor quicker than you normally do. These small habits will slowly help you get rid of overthinking and boost your confidence.

2. Obsession over other peoples’ opinions

Obsession over other peoples' opinions

Several genius minds are wasted because people keep musing over what others will think about them. Just because of other people’s opinions, several people do not pursue their dreams even before trying once. They could never muster enough courage to stand for themselves because of this irrational habit.

If you are one of them then you seriously need to get rid of this habit or your talent or to be precise your life may go in vain. If you often find yourself thinking about what others will think then you should change your thought process.

Just ask yourself, what am I doing is good for me and the ecology? If the answer to both is yes then move ahead or in the other case find a better alternative for your decision. Moreover, you need to understand that you can’t keep happy everyone around you. So, stop obsessing over other people’s opinions.

3. You fear change

You fear change

Change is a big part of everyone’s life. You cannot run away from change. Change happens every day and in everyone’s life. Some changes are good.

However, some changes are tough. Tough changes usually scare you. And it is quite normal to feel scared. However, if you want to grow in life then you need to face change. You need to face the fear. Only then you can overcome them.

And trust me, once you inculcate the habit of facing change with your heads up, you will be proud of the person you have evolved to be.

4. You try to please everyone.

You try to please everyone.

One of the most beautiful qualities about kind people is that they try to please everyone. They cannot say no to anyone, even if doing the works means plenty of effort on your side.

If you keep on this habit of saying yes to everyone, then sooner or later you will surely land in trouble. People will start exploiting you and use you to their advantage. Helping people is good. However, at some point in time, you need to draw the line.

You need to know your self-worth and you need to understand self-love. You need to figure out who truly loves you and who is there to take your advantage If people truly care about you then stick by them or else move on and grow in your life. I know it is hard but it is worth a meaningful life.

5. You live in the past.

You live in the past.

The obsession with living in the bitter past has turned the life of several people miserable. Past can bitter due to a lot of reasons such as relationship failure, financial loss, accident, personal loss, etc.

It’s natural to feel sad about the bitter past. But to live a sound life, you need to make peace with the terrible past. You need to value the beautiful present.

In some cases, moving on with the past may appear tough or take a longer time. Don’t panic. Just live one day at a time and experience your life turn beautiful. Start focusing on the present. Journaling is a healthy habit to stay connected to the present. Try it. You will surely love it.

6. You don’t value self-love

You don't value self-love

Several people fail to understand the true importance of self-love. In fact, the origin of love is from within oneself. If you can’t love yourself, you can never love someone else.

Toxic past, bullying, judgemental people, etc. are the prime reason for self-hatred. How you feel about yourself matters a lot to live a peaceful life and grow every day.

Know that not every time you need the validation of the people around you. You need to stay away from the people who turn your life toxic with their illogical comments. You need to make sure not to allow the hateful comments of the people around you to get on your nerve.

And know that sometimes it is tough to stay away from negative people. So make sure to build a stronger mental toughness to live a peaceful life. 

My Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points have proved valuable to people all around the world. Sticking to these important habits may appear tough initially. Don’t be hard on yourself. Work on them every day. Getting rid of toxic habits will bring a lot of positivity to your life. You will surely notice the positive changes in you slowly and feel good about it.

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Nadeem Ahmed
Nadeem Ahmed (@nadeem-ahmed82)
7 months ago

One of the things that always scared me was any sort of change. Living in the comfort zone for so long, the fear kept rising and that made me not do things that I wanted to do. When I decided to face such fears, I realized that it continued to reduce the burden. So, yeah, this is something along with other such habits that should be dropped ASAP.

8 months ago

Overthinking can be my middle name :/ (Not proud of it though). This is actually so true. I find obsessing over other’s opinions kind of weird. Yeah, sometimes I would ask people what they think but at the end it is your life, your choices. You shouldn’t value other’s people opinions over yours.

Self-love is mandatory, without that, you ain’t going no where. (I have experienced that) Great post! 🙂

Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta
Reply to  ThatUnknownBlogger
8 months ago

Thanks! I can totally connect with you 🙈

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