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Top Travel Movies You Have To Watch For Inspiration

I can’t believe how many times I have made a decision to go on a road trip or a solo journey or a weekend getaway by just watching a movie. Guilty! For a frequent adventure traveler, I look for inspiration everywhere and top travel movies are always a perfect idea.

In case you find yourself lacking the motivation to travel or just want to watch the movies for fun then this list here will definitely inspire you to start packing your bags. I sure did!

Here is the list of Top Travel Movies

Into The Wild

If it is going to be just one movie that you are going to watch from this list, make it this one. This mind blowing true story of a top student who leaves behind everything, a college degree, money and a car with just one goal, hitchhiking his way to Alaska. His inspiring stories on the relationships that he built and the connection that he made with himself as well as the people he met during his travels are simply beautiful. Who wouldn’t like to see Alaska’s landscape and wilderness, right.

► Watch the trailer for the Movie – Into The Wild


The word Baraka means “Essence of Life”. I don’t think words can describe my experience of watching this movie for the first time. A movie without a typical narrative, one would wonder what would make the movie so amazing….One needs to watch it to believe. It shows the most chaotic cities to grand landscapes, modern civilization to traditional cultures. It has some excellent photography and direction.

The word Baraka means "Essence of Life"
► Watch the trailer for the Movie – Baraka

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

There is a day dreamer in all of us, you know, the times when we zone out, imagining ourselves to be a superhero, an adventurer or a successful personality. Well, this movie is just about that. A regular office guy, who likes his job but otherwise has a boring life. When his job is jeopardized, he embarks on a journey that is romantic and filled with adventure.

► Watch the trailer for the Movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Motorcycle Diaries

Travel, hardship and suffering can change you in many ways and shape you to become the person you were destined to. This true travel story based on the real life experiences of Ernesto Guevara who later becomes the Iconic Marxist; Che Guevara. No matter what our opinion about Che Guevara is, the movie is exceptionally directed and for the most part it is emotional.

the motorcycle diaries - Ernesto Guevara who later becomes the Iconic Marxist
► Watch the trailer for the Movie The Motorcycle Diaries

The Bucket List

What would one do, when they are told that they only have a few months to live. This movie is about two terminally ill men that decide to write up a list of things they have never done before, calling it a “Bucket List”.

Hector and The Search for Happiness

When you are a psychologist, responsible for people finding happiness in their lives; you hold a great responsibility. What if as a psychologist, you are not happy yourself? Hector takes on a journey travelling to faraway lands in search of happiness, well, the title says it all. Does Hector find it?

► Watch the trailer for Hector and the Search for Happiness


A dog by her side, 4 Camels (Wild but eventually trained by her) Mia Wasikowska embarks on a solo trip to cross the desert from Alice Springs to Indian Ocean. Based on true events, the travel story show the hardships faced in the quest of finding solitude in this adventure travel.

► Watch the trailer for the movie Tracks


If you know what it is like to climb a mountain, that can touch your soul and lift your spirit, then this movie might be for you. Witherspoon takes up an impossible task of completing a hike in Pacific Crest Trail and hopes to discover herself in the process.

► Watch the trailer for the movie Tracks

Seven Years in Tibet

We love travel stories and photos, we are here, it means that we love movies too. When we know that it is based on a true travel story, even better. An Austrian climber, breaks out of jail and ends up in the city of Lhasa in Tibet. This beautiful story is about a transformation of a man in becoming an adviser to the Dalai Lama. It is encouraging, beautiful, peaceful and soulful.

seven years in tibet beautiful story is about a transformation of a man
► Watch the trailer for the movie Seven Years In Tibet

The Darjeeling Limited

Funny and emotional! Three brothers take a train journey in India after their father’s death. In the hope to rediscover their lost bond. A trip planned to every last detail, does that ever work? All travelers know that it isn’t that way. Everything leads to realization and introspection, an awesome watch!

The Darjeeling limited a top travel movie
► Watch the trailer for the movie The Darjeeling Limited

Now that we know the top travel movies, let’s do it. I hope that these movies inspire you to travel and see the amazing world. Experience everything that we can, let it change and accept ourselves for who we are. Go take that Solo Trip, go with friends, with family and share the happiness.

If you think another movie should have made it here then let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to write another blog with different movies or maybe an updated version.

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8 months ago

waooo nice movies collection,would like to watch

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