These 10 Types Of Journals Can Transform Your Life

These 10 Types Of Journals Can Transform Your Life - Life Hack

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, difficulty keeping a track of finances, or being productive? Then, the types of journals I am going to discuss will definitely come in a savior.

Journalling has been a widely known habit among highly productive people. It gives you a sense of direction along with an organized way of looking at your thoughts and long list of things to accomplish.

Don’t want to believe in my words? Ask any successful person or read about them. Most of them will surely mention the importance of journaling in their life. Yes, journaling is the secret behind the success of several people. And it can change your life too!

Let us dive deep into the different types of journals

1. The Blank Notebook Journal

Are you an aspiring writer? Is writing your hobby? If yes then the blank journal is perfect for you. 

I know that you will say that why to carry a journal if you can use the ‘Notes’ function on mobile. But trust me, creativity flows better when you jot down the words in a paper. Writers or to be precise creative peoples all over the world prefer to carry a notebook journal to jot down random thoughts.

2. The Dream Journal

We all have dreams. By mentioning, dreams, I don’t want to talk about being a millionaire only. The dream could be anything such as owning a house, helping the poor, marrying your girlfriend, or traveling the world.

However, not everyone likes to talk about their dreams. And it’s okay not to let the people around you know your dream. Because not everyone feels or respects your dream the way you do.

But you do need a catalyst to be motivated about pursuing your dream. A dream can be a great help to stay focused. By writing the various dreams, you have a set framework for the dreams you want to achieve in your lifetime.

Just reading your dream journal will motivate you to push harder. And every time you tick the dream achieved, you will feel proud of yourself and inspired to achieve the rest. Also, don’t feel shy to add more dreams to your list. It will help you live a sound life.

3. Gratitude Journal

Most people underestimate the true power of gratitude. But, it works. And it has added wonders to the life of several people.
How many of us are truly thankful for the life we live? A lot of people keep complaining about the things they don’t have without feeling grateful for the various things they are blessed with.

Whether you are going through a rough phase of life or living a sound life, you should the habit of maintaining a gratitude journal.

Now you might ask what to mention on bad days. But if you keep calm and analyze deeply then you can always find a few things you can be grateful for! It could be anything such as being alive, sleeping under a roof, eating meals, etc.

Research has suggested that gratitude journal has helped several people fight the tough days. It has helped people in dealing with depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and various negative thoughts.

4. Food Journal

If you are a foodie or want to keep track of your diet then consider having a food journal. 

You can note the recipe for the recent food you liked. If you have created a beautiful memory in a restaurant then you can paste the pictures in the journal.

If you like to plan your meals or keep track of water intake then the food journal can be a great aid. Moreover, you can maintain a grocery list in the journal so that you don’t forget anything while shopping.

5. Work Journal

This is one of my personal favorite types of journals. We all are aware of the sudden boost in the “Work from Home” culture since the outbreak of the pandemic. People all over the world are following this culture. However, it has drawbacks also.

Working from the comfort of your home may turn you lazy and hamper your productivity. You may find yourself binge-watching Netflix and procrastinating your work. 

Maintaining a work journal can help you stay away from the trap. Plan your entire work schedule for the entire week or day in the work journal. Be specific about writing the work you need to do. It will help you stay organized. 

You can add little rewards for yourself besides the work mentioned. It will surely boost you to stay focused on the work ahead. 

6. Fitness Journal

We all know the importance of fitness since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is undoubtedly an alarm about maintaining fitness. 

If you are still struggling with maintaining fitness then consider maintaining a fitness journal. It will help you stay on track and exercise along with eating healthy. The people who are seriously committed to their fitness like to maintain fitness journals. It helps them to set weekly, fortnight, and monthly goals.

7. Personal Junk Journal

As humans, we experience various emotions. Some are positive while others are negative, You need to give equal importance to both emotions. Otherwise, you may lose the balance of your life. Positive emotion can be written in a gratitude journal.

For negative emotions, you should maintain a separate personal junk journal. These destructive emotions need to be channelized somewhere. Or else, they suffocate you from within. 

Venting your frustration to the people around you is never a wise option. Writing those emotions is always a better channel. This way, you will not harm the people around you and release your stress also. We also consider this as one of the healthier lifestyle choices too.

8. Book Journal

Are you a book alcoholic? Do you prefer a book over hanging out with people? If yes, then a book journal is your perfect friend to strengthen your bond with reading. 

You can jot down the quotes you liked or your thoughts about the book and post the review later. 

Moreover, the book journal can record the books you have read, currently reading and the books you have added to your to-be-read list.

9. Finance Journal

Do you struggle with managing your finance? Do you often find your wallet empty at the end of the month? If yes, then you can hold on a break to these problems through maintaining a finance journal. I think this is one of the most crucial types of journals that can help you stay on top of your income & expenses and also closely monitor your financial journey

Jot down the different expenses such as rent, loan EMI, miscellaneous, expenses, etc. It will give you a fair idea about your financial status. And you will spend accordingly without landing yourself in trouble. Moreover, it will also help you plan your budget for the future and make you financially strong.

10. Letter Journal

Letter journal acts as self-therapy. You don’t necessarily need to rely on others to write you letters. Sometimes you need to write a letter to yourself. It could be about the past you or your future-self. When you find it tough to forgive yourself for your mistake, you should write a letter to yourself.

Moreover, you can use the letter journal to write a letter to your loved ones such as family, friends, partner, and teacher. It builds a strong personal connection.

Final Thoughts

There are various other journals also. You could write a journal about anything. All of them fulfill different objectives. However, I thought these 10 types of journals are also situations that we deal with on a regular basis and made sense to add here.

The essence is to write journals and help you to grow. Hope you pick out the best journal for yourself and experience the positive changes in your life.

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