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The Meaning Behind The Blog Place To Be

Labake's Blog 15 Days Writing Challenge
1. The Meaning Behind The Blog Place To Be
2. What Is My Wishlist?
3. What Is The One Thing That I Want To Learn?
4. What Are My Expectations This Month?
5. 5 Fashion Accessories I can’t Do Without
6. What Does Happiness Mean To Me?
7. Who Is My Favorite Person In The World?
8. How Do I Practice Self-Care?
9. Who Or What Makes Me Beautiful?
10. What Is My Biggest Fear?
11. What’s My Most Embarrassing Moment?

Day 1 of 15 Days Challenge: What is the meaning of The Blog Place To Be.

The Meaning Behind The Blog Place To Be

Reading other people’s blogs definitely helps learn different things about blogging, writing styles, or other creatives. Whereas, sometimes it can be an eye-opener when you reading someone else’s stories and realize that there’s so much that we don’t know that goes on in other people’s life. Not being nosey or anything, just compassionately empathetic.

Following one of the bloggers, I was faced with a 15 days challenge with a series of blogs every day. The first article meant to tell the world what the name of my blog meant.

I have shared this thought with a few before that when I initially thought of beginning to blog. The things that went on in my head that made me feel that I could conquer the world. Of course, by doing as little as possible.

The reality was completely different. The battlefields were quite competitive. Until I realized the love for blogging, especially after I came across many bloggers who were willing to share their experience and knowledge.

So, What Does The Blog Place To Be Means?

When I first started blogging, I never worried about what niche I was going to pick up. I thought that I could really write about anything in the world and make the site available with articles about anything and everything.

However, after watching a gazillion videos and reading blogging related articles, I came to a conclusion to drop the original idea and start focusing on topics that either related or somewhat close to each other.

Personally speaking, it wasn’t a satisfying Idea. Two people changed my perspective; one of them is a digital marketing expert (Ashwini Tiwari) and another one is an author on this site, Swati Omprakash.

Conversations with them forced me to reconsider the idea of making this site into what it reads; The Blog Place To Be.

Interestingly, Swati did help me find a couple of other bloggers that share the love of writing and we decided to collaborate. I am much obliged to have them work with us and bring a variety of content to the site.


This blogsite not only helped me get started with a new journey but also thought a lot of other things as well. Building the blog site lead me to start learning more about building sites. In fact, I also picked up graphic design to support this skill.

Hopefully, someday with constant effort and persistence, this site shall get there.

I also hope that I able to keep this 15 day challenge. there’s only one way to find out.

Thank You.

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3 months ago

I’m really glad you joined the challenge and congrats on taking up the first task. 14 more to go 😊😊

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