Are Humans Becoming Lazy Because Of Technology?

Are humans becoming lazy because of technology?

All the modern era technological developments are aimed to reduce the efforts of human beings in some way or other. Is the technology creating lazy humans?

Naturally, the human beings tend to become lazy and lethargic as their role is reduced. This human laziness even reduces as the time goes on. The technological development includes all those from the normal automated toothbrush to the autonomous driving. Some of these developments will be dealt below.

Online Shopping – It Is No Longer Our Cardio

Is online shopping making humans lazy

In the earlier days, we people used to hang out with friends and family members for shopping for our various necessities. This includes clothing; Mobile phones; laptops; Grocery items; and home furnishing goods, etc. But now, many E-commerce sites have evolved and made this thought process simpler. E-Commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many others have started dominating the market. Even, many E-commerce sites are still evolving from the arena of small-scale industries too.

Corporate Food Delivery- Does it really satisfy our hunger with quality?

Corporate Food Delivery- Does it really satisfy our hunger with quality?

There is a huge rise of the corporate companies like Zomato and Swiggy into the food delivery area. Thus, the person visiting the restaurant in the weekends have drastically reduced now a days. Anyway, many employees while working in the office tend to order foods because of these food deliveries and enjoy them. The food delivery during the days of pandemic has helped many needs but still the safety is a major concern.

Digital Books and media- Is the info on WEB is really true?

Digital Books and media- Are the info on WEB is really true?

With the arrival of many digital platforms for reading and quick go through, our knowledge needs get sorted out easily. The traditional ways of long search for text and reference books have come to an end because of the digital books.

Not only the books but also the news media have started launching their digital platforms as well. Some of the notable of them are the National Digital Library of India, Amazon Kindle, and Jio News.

Knowledge Gain made easy- Is it made easy or even worse?

Knowledge Gain made easy- Is it made easy or even worse?

Many E-learning platforms have started evolving to cater to the technological advancements in our society. These platforms tend to enable the learners with the provision of studying anywhere and anytime when they find time.

The popular platforms include Byju’s, Unacademy, Vedantu, Udemy, Toppr, Khan Academy, Adda 247, and Duolingo, etc. Many children of this age are most fond of these platforms as per the survey reported by the parents.

Not just that, but many educational institutions have launched their e-learning techs to support the students during the pandemic. We tend to rely on these platforms majorly and become too lethargic to search for reliable and useful sources.

Autonomous Driving – Does automation required in this too?

Will autonomous driving make humans lazier

With many operations in the day-to-day cars being automated, now its time to make it fully automate. Yes, now people can just sit back and relax even while driving a car without any worries and hustles.

This is the most extreme technology which makes humans even lazier. It also makes the driving skills of human beings to fade away in the near future.

Smart Lighting systems- Is it required to automate things that are already so easy?

Smart Lighting systems- Is it required to automate things that’s already so easy?

We always tend to reduce our works in our home in some way or other. And, here is another tech for that. It is the smart lighting systems. These systems even reduce the normal motion of a human being. It does this by enabling the automated voice and sound operated lightings throughout the home.

There is no need for humans to walk/ move/ stretch their arms to switch on the lights. The lighting is made possible by clapping or voice control itself. In addition, many of the similar Techs started using IoT to automate fan or other electrical appliances in the home.

Smart Entertainment media- Why be lazy to watch a movie/show even?

Smart Entertainment media- Why be lazy to watch a movie/ show even?

We live in the world, where the people can’t survive without the entertainment industry. This is because of the kind of work pressure that these day people are exposed to.

With the advent of OTT services, entertainment exposure has not only made easy. But also, it has reduced human motion by enabling the streaming of the required content anywhere and anytime. The big names here are Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hot star, etc.


Always, any techs being developed are there are reduce the efforts of us. But all the techs should not make us very lazy and ultimately be weak. Lazy ness can bring in many health issues if we are going to avoid our normal motions itself.

Thus, it is our responsibility to know the role of those techs and be cautious of it. Also, try to reduce the usage of it if you can since you can’t always dependent on those things. Try to understand, Prevention is better than cure’.

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9 months ago

This is so fun to read. I love these type of articles. I think that you have to set your own limits. Yes, go ahead and shop online but do remember to exercise or simply take a walk outside. Reading online is good too but going to the library or at a store and picking up a book yourself is another feeling. Yes, advanced technologically has made things easier for us but I still think we should be able to do things on our own terms, live life and enjoy fully. Loved reading this article. 🙂

Nadeem Ahmed
Reply to  ThatUnknownBlogger
9 months ago

Totally agree. Like you said, balance is the key in life, and to be honest, if we manage that plenty of worries are washed away. We are in times where technology is going to rapidly advance and affect our lives in many ways, we got to learn to use it more responsibly. Let’s walk more…

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