7 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important

7 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important

There has been a constant debate around why the artificial intelligence is important. At the same time, there’s a huge community of rebels that go against the very idea of AI. We want to take the opportunity to talk about why AI can be useful and important. Considering that the technological advancement isn’t going to stop.

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a process that aims to generate and achieve the human thought process in the machine level application. That’s achieved with the aid of numerous novel algorithms being built into the computer environment. In other words, AI aids the machines to think and act similar to human beings.

There are many reasons for the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence in our society. Having said that, we will be discussing the 7 underlying reasons why Artificial Intelligence is so important.

1. Indispensable Multi-disciplinary AI Application

Indispensable Multi-disciplinary AI Application 1 of the 7 reasons why artificial intelligence is important.

Ever since the growth of the craze towards data and its management, Artificial Intelligence is found unavoidable in many of the disciplines and sectors. Some of the Multi-disciplinary applications of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Client Service
  • Compliance
  • Surveillance
  • Authentication
  • Legal Analysis
  • Financing trades
  • Media suggestions
  • Predictive Management
  • Autonomic vehicles
  • Navigation
  • Augmented Reality

2. Futuristic Progress/Evolution of Data-Driven Industries

Many conventional industries have started adapting their thought process of using the gathered data from a variety of users/sources. This helps them to get the feedback towards making any actions in the future. For instance, in the Agriculture Industry, the deployment of sensors helps a variety of farmers to benefit from the data gathered towards their cultivation process.

Some of the other Data driven industries evolving or making its progress with Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Sports
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality

3. Plenty of Job Opportunities being created with wider possibilities

Plenty of Job Opportunities being created with wider possibilities. 1 of the 7 reasons why artificial intelligence is important.

To explain, the basic concept of Artificial Intelligence lies in the creation and usage of artificial neural networks. Many concepts and novel ideas are being taken forward by researchers. This is generating different artificial neural networks for different kinds of areas of application.

In fact, these neural networks are trained based on the varying inputs found in the different applications. For instance, for a manufacturing-oriented industry, the time is taken for various stages like raw materials handling, processing, maintenance activities, etc. are taken to optimize it. Similarly, for the transportation sector, the analysis of obstacles data will be done towards the automation of the vehicles.

4. Industrial Revolution being provoked by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence

4. Industrial Revolution being provoked by the emergence of AI. 1 of the 7 reasons why artificial intelligence is important.

To emphasize, our society has already seen three industrial revolutions. Each phase of the industrial revolution consists of certain revolutions like Mechanization, Mass Production, and Automated Production.

Likewise, the Industry Revolution 4.0 seem complete with the utilization of new and recent methodologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computer, etc. This revolution of Industries is only possible when the proper decisive management has been achieved through the Artificial Intelligence usage.

5. Ever Increase of thirst for improvising Medical sector

Ever Increase of thirst for improvising Medical sector

We have attained optimizations in many activities, applications, and products. But, it is also essential to contribute to optimization in the health/ medical industry since this improves our lifestyle, health and reduces the mortality rate of human beings.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence application in the healthcare sector are as follows:

  • Surgery done by the AI enabled robots
  • Clinical Trails
  • Drug Discovery
  • Image Analytics Techniques
  • Risk Forecast
  • Security of Medical data
  • Virtual Nursing assistants

Moreover, the usage of the Artificial Intelligence methodologies in the medical sector can contribute to early and precise diagnosis of various medical ailments/ conditions, treating the complex structures of medical disorders/ diseases, and innovating many break-through ideologies, etc.

6. Evolution of Digital Processes

Evolution of Digital Processes

As we already know, the whole nation aims in digitalizing many processes in order to make the data easily accessible and accessible by the wider or intended audiences. When the handled data is large, especially in larger-scale applications, it is necessary to take the proper measures to make the data accessibility smoother through digitalization.

This digitalization of data involves the conversion of the wide variety of conventional data into an easily accessible form. For example, saving it in servers or in memories of the sophisticated equipment to make the decision out of it.

This digitalization is especially true in the following applications: E-commerce sites deploy Artificial Intelligence. Customers get to see a recommendation of products based on their behavior. It is based on the product inputs given by the seller and developer of the site rather than offline shopping experiences.

As a matter of fact, Insurance and banking make use of Artificial Intelligence to digitalize the process of many loans, claims arising out of the needs of its intended customers or investors.

Recent Corona pandemic has made the Education sector digitalize the offline exam processes into online. AI can easily detect any malpractices followed by students while taking exams.

Many Production companies have already digitalized the process of dimension feeding and raw material processing procedures. At last, even the marketing sector has seen a much hike towards the online phase which had started attracting more and more audiences by using Artificial Intelligence tools.

7. Making the day-to-day life of humans even simpler

Making the day-to-day life of humans even simpler

Artificial Intelligence not only contributes to the development and growth of the Industries but also it contributes to make the life of each human easier and effective in some way or other through its wide applications.

For an instance, any gadgets that we use today tend to understand us faster than the conventional devices in order to optimize our experience; Artificial Intelligence-powered Automated vehicle reduces the risks of high-velocity impacts caused due to the vehicular collisions with the deployment of various sensors, and Artificial Intelligence helps the doctors in tracing many medical severities to quickly treat the patients.


The trends created towards the Artificial Intelligence has encouraged more and more researchers to search for novel ideas to develop the artificial neural networks based on the area of application and interest of the intended users.

Artificial Intelligence is still going on developing since the thirst for improvisation and optimization in the products and processes never ends. Thus, it creates more and more opportunities for those who toil for the development of AI which in turn hikes the performance of any products or processes and the economy of the Indian nation.

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Swati Omprakash
Swati Omprakash
11 months ago

I must say Sunndhar, it was not easy to write such blog. Thank you for sharing the information. I really enjoyed reading it and knowing new things.

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