3 Things In Life That Aren’t Worth Your Time Or Effort

3 Things In Life That Aren't Worth Your Time Or Effort. Sulking over lost things, outcomes and internet quarrel

You always wonder why we get anxious or depressed by some of the things that we do. Yeah, most likely with our conscious state of mind or even subconsciously. Some of the things that we do are really not worth your time or even your effort.

I am sure there are a million things that aren’t worth it but I want to talk about 3 things that we get so caught up with and it consumes the best of us. We all have a short life, at least, the best years are limited. Why would we want to spend time on things that don’t matter or even worse, throw us down the hole.

Keeping our sanity in these crazy times is something that’s the need of the hour. Some of the things that I am going to tell you may sound like a broken record on repeat but makes sense.

Here are the 3 things that are not worth your time

1. Sulking Over Lost Things

Not just things, it could be friends, lovers, or a family member, maybe a project, or travel plans. In this process called life, we are going to constantly lose something or the other over a period of time. If we were to be sad about losing them, we will spend the rest of our lives sulking.

You got to understand that, when you do it over and over again it is going to become a habit very soon. Besides that, you will also develop a defense mechanism and out of a standard response from that, you will always be afraid of taking up something new. The fear of loss.

A loss is not always a bad thing, if you see it this way, it’s going to make it much easier for us to deal with it. The loss also creates a space for new things. It may seem like it happened where you didn’t have a choice, when you think of it, we probably didn’t make a choice to let go of it when we had the chance.

You’ve had house plants, right? Have you noticed that the older leaves on plants turn yellow, then brown, and eventually shed. It’s a natural mechanism of the plant, if that yellow leaf hangs on to the plant for longer than it should, it will most likely invite pests and bugs.

The plants also shed leaves when they are not taken care of. When you analyze the situation once, you are always in a better understanding of why certain things are happening in our lives. You will reach a realization that it either was a natural time to drop that leaf or start paying attention to the plant. We don’t want more leaves to fall because we didn’t take care of them.

2. Outcomes Are Not Always In Your Control

We are driven by outcomes. Whatever we plan to do, we set a goal in place and put in the effort to achieve it. Obviously, we expect that the outcome is going to be exactly the way we thought it would be.

It’s like planning for a perfect destination for a vacation, you daydream and remain enthusiastic about it and thinking of a million things that you are going to do. When you arrive there, it’s a different story. You don’t like the whole trip now. The world starts to crumble.

Yes, we have to stay motivated to achieve our goals, stay on course with our plan and do everything humanly possible for a successful outcome. However, knowing that the actual outcome is not in our control, we can’t always expect the results in our favor. There are always going to be black swan events that’ll affect them. Even if such events are rare, there’s going to be something else that’ll change.

When the outcomes don’t come out in your favor, it also gives you a chance to analyze everything from the scratch and if there were mistakes made then you learn the most valuable lesson.

What really matters is the continuous effort that you put in, the discipline you maintain, and the persistence you show. When making these your habits, the outcomes will never bring you down. They will consistently tell you that if it didn’t happen now it alright but you have the right skills to make it happen the next time.

3. Being A Keyboard Warrior

This one may seem like doesn’t go in sync with the other 2 that I have mentioned here. I feel that this is something that is equally important to mention.

Let’s take real-life recent examples. This is something that everyone can easily relate to. During the recent elections in the USA, people supporting Biden or Trump took social media conversations to the next level. I have seen friends arguing on FB debating who’s better for the country. It went to a level that people even unfriended each other.

Something very similar happens during every election in India too, there are people supporting BJP & Congress. The amount of hatred that is spewed amongst each other is simply mind-blowing.

These are a couple of really aggressive examples, we fight over social media for anything really. Yes, social media has the power to influence people. It also has the power to take away your sanity too. The reason why I call some people keyboard warriors is because their only intention of taking their presence is to argue with you.

Don’t fall for that trap, be aware of keyboard warriors. They are not worth your time. In addition, they don’t come with a mindset to understand, comprehend or accept logic. Most of them out there have a closed opinion of what they think the truth is and have a really low acceptance level of anything else. Why waste your time explaining something to someone that doesn’t have the taste for a reason.

When the conversation goes rough, it takes your peace of mind and many such conversations add to a build-up of stress and anxiety.

My Final Thoughts

There are plenty of things to do in life. Things that can change your personality and help you become the best version of yourself. When there are beautiful things out there, why spend time on things that don’t really matter and really to be honest not worth your time and effort.

So what do you think, is there anything that you guys keep away from. Let me know in the comments below.

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