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What Is My Wishlist?

Labake's Blog 15 Days Writing Challenge
1. The Meaning Behind The Blog Place To Be
2. What Is My Wishlist?
3. What Is The One Thing That I Want To Learn?
4. What Are My Expectations This Month?
5. 5 Fashion Accessories I can’t Do Without
6. What Does Happiness Mean To Me?
7. Who Is My Favorite Person In The World?
8. How Do I Practice Self-Care?
9. Who Or What Makes Me Beautiful?
10. What Is My Biggest Fear?
11. What’s My Most Embarrassing Moment?

Day 2 of 15 Days Challenge: What is my Wishlist?

What Is My Wishlist?

I believe that you will be able to relate to this one. My wish doesn’t include a million dollars (although, it wouldn’t be so bad).

My journey towards art, of course, not like Picasso or Van Gogh but something on a lighter note, began through photography. In spite of being in photography for several years, I’d still say that I am an amateur. I don’t mind being one because I simply enjoy the process of creating photos. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, right?

Anyway, having said that, it opened another portal for me; Travelling. Like any travel freak, I have watched countless travel videos, photography-travel videos, and secretly envied them. Yeah I know, doesn’t sound healthy but hey, I am only human.

So, the only thing that qualifies my wishlist and it has maintained its spot is the ability to work as a freelancer from wherever I want. That’d typically enable me to travel more.

The day I decided to take steps towards learning a new skills and aiming towards fulfilling that wish is the only thing on my mind.

There you go, you have it. I’ll probably update this section in case the something else makes it here.

For now, I’ll close the day with a thank you to Roseline from Labake’s Blog for laying out this challenge. I am enjoying it so far.

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3 months ago

Yaay you did it again…
I wish for a miracle and help in paying off my loan which has caused me lots of sleepless nights, tears and exhaustion but I’m hoping for the best. I think reading this is making smile that you are enjoying this. Thank you

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