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Who Is My Favorite Person In The World?

Labake's Blog 15 Days Writing Challenge
1. The Meaning Behind The Blog Place To Be
2. What Is My Wishlist?
3. What Is The One Thing That I Want To Learn?
4. What Are My Expectations This Month?
5. 5 Fashion Accessories I can’t Do Without
6. What Does Happiness Mean To Me?
7. Who Is My Favorite Person In The World?
8. How Do I Practice Self-Care?
9. Who Or What Makes Me Beautiful?
10. What Is My Biggest Fear?
11. What’s My Most Embarrassing Moment?
Who Is My Favorite Person In The World?

There are so many people that I have come across in my life that have made the list of favorite people in my life. Some removed themselves and others I removed it from the list.

I guess, that’s life. These fluctuations tend to exist all the time. Most of such perceptions are based on the little knowledge that we have about someone or the biasness we tend to favor.

My favorite person that has always maintained consistency in the list is my mom. It probably isn’t much of a surprise. Most people place their parents on that pedestal.

I do that because of what I had seen from eyes that were very young to understand the adult’s world. She had the courage to take on the world, even when there was nobody by her side. It’s a site that’s rare in a lot of us because we want to please everyone.

Never hesitated to speak her mind, cry, laugh or just remain quiet. Her life was full of sacrifice, unfair things and a constant fight.

It’s hard for me to write about her, maybe someday, I can share the whole story. Probably when I am ready to talk about it. For now, in short, she has always been my favorite person and will always remain.

Let’s come back tomorrow to see what the new question in the challenge is.

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