What Is My Biggest Fear?

What Is My Biggest Fear?

It’s straight forward, not being able to freely travel before I leave this world is definitely my biggest fear. For some reason, traveling as much as possible is something that I always want to do.

Currently, I am doing everything that I can in order to become a freelancer. That would enable the flexibility to work from anywhere. So that I am not tied up to a desk but rather be out there and on the move easily.

Although, this has been the biggest fear, with the recent global events, I am also concerned over how things are going to turn out with the global events with the ongoing pandemic.

It has caused a lot of people a lot of distress and has thrown everything out of balance. I can only hope and pray that everything goes back to how things were before. I also wish that we learn the lesson from this and make this world a better place.

This 15 day writing challenge, was going well until this question. I hope I am able to stay on track going forward and write daily. So, let’s come back tomorrow and read about the next question.

Stay healthy and safe, we shall meet again tomorrow.

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