Modern Poets Are Keeping Poetry Alive

This world has always been a land of poets. We grew up reading Rabindranath Tagore, Amir Khusro, Mirza Galib, Robert Frost, Sarojini Naidu, T.S. Elliot, William Wordsworth, and many others. I am old school, I still prefer to read books, being outdoors, write whenever I can. It was surprising to find that some of the modern poets are still keeping the poetry alive.

I met Swati Omprakash who ran an Instagram handle, MissDrunkPoetry. Obviously, the title definitely got my attention towards one of the humble modern poets. When I approached her about publishing some of her handpicked poems, she agreed to it. She mentioned that it was her honor, in fact, it is my honor to have had the chance to publish her poems here.

Swati Omprakash one of the modern poets

Swati Omprakash is a poet, storyteller, and an observer. Her chosen pen name “Miss Drunk Poetry” was an inspiration from a post called “Be Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire. She has been a reader and writer from her college life. However, when in her mid-twenties she published her first book.

Her belief in the power of words and the way they touch so many souls is as strong her life. She quotes, “Art is the only way to reach someone’s heart, and everything that reaches our heart is an art in itself.”

Here are the poems by one of our Modern poets.

1. Become the Poetry

Modern Poets Keeping Poetry Alive
Can you imagine, if you aim to be poetry in life? Life as we know could be so much different.

2. Become the Poetry

This one was my personal favorite, it melted my heart straightaway.

3. Become the Poetry

There’s no two ways about that Swati.

4. Because I promised myself to live before I die.

Deep down inside, this is pretty much what we all think. #speakingoutloud

5. Hang in there

So many people struggle in their everyday lives, I am proud of them for holding on.

6. I owe this to you

It is such a beautiful admittance.

7. I owe this to you

We owe you our love for sharing this poetry with us.

8. Drunk in Love

I honestly don’t think there is any feeling that can match the feeling of being in love.

9. Wish you a month of November

Who would define like that? Let us know in the comments below.

10. A little extra love might help

It is such a common misconception that all poets have had their heart broken, some are inspired by Love too.

11. In this lifetime

I don’t think anything can summarize life so beautifully.

12. Mother

another beautiful poem about mothers by one of the modern poets
I agree with that Swati, there’s nothing we say or do will ever sum up a Mother.

13. Living this life

another beautiful poem about life by one of the modern poets
This is a poem and a philosophy, in my opinion that should be a guide for our life.

14. Take care of my poems

a lovely poem by modern poets
Well, poets have a gift. They live in our hearts, even when they are long gone.

A hearty Thank You to Swati

Thank you for keeping the tradition of poetry alive. I personally enjoyed reading your poems and publishing them here. A whole lot of good wishes and luck to you, and well deserved congratulations for your book.

Hey all the readers, all poems mentioned here in images are directly linked to our modern poet’s Instagram profile. Go visit them and show her all the love. Plus, you can always impress your partners with these poems. Romantic poetry is an age old tradition, let’s keep that alive.

Don’t forget to comment how you feel, I will appreciate it very much.

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1 year ago

Such a great motivation! My favorite one is : Because I promised myself to live before I die. Thank you for sharing.

Swati Omprakash
Swati Omprakash
Reply to  Inna
1 year ago

Thank you for reading Inna

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