La Joyeria – The Story Of How It Started

La Joyeria - The Story Of How It Started

In the past few months, I had an opportunity to work with small businesses and startups. La Joyeria Candles is one such startup that I came across. They started with encouraging and spreading awareness of the benefits of aromatherapy at home.

Beginning of this year, we were faced with the greatest challenge that people alive in this century could even imagine. Yes, the COVID19. Many people lost lives across the world and a great number of people suffered financial loss. Overall, this isn’t the year that we hoped for when we wished each other a happy new year. It has been anything but happy.

In addition to that, we are still living in uncertainty about how things are going to be in the near future. Having said that, people who started La Joyeria didn’t want to sit at home and complain about it. If we have the power to contribute, we should. That was their motto, and it still is.

What is La Joyeria?

As I mentioned earlier, we were all down with the pandemic and struggling to deal with its effects. La Joyeria decided to learn things from scratch and offer people a chance to bring wellness into their homes. They started a brand of all-natural soy candles with aroma infused that can not only brighten up your place but also add a great deal of wellness.

The business is run by a husband & wife duo that handles every single part of the business on their own. A family that runs a business together will stay together ;).

The journey of starting a business from home and do things from scratch can be as challenging as it can be. For instance, making candles can be a simpler process, however, if you aim to offer that to other people, then you have got to make sure that it’s done right.

Everything looks simple and easy on the outside but only the people running the show would know exactly what goes in. Our country gives us many opportunities to start a business from home. At the same time, we are also dealing with plenty of obstacles that only a small business owner would know. Take bureaucracy for that matter and an immense amount of red-tapism.

Having said that, nothing could stop them from taking that first step and getting an inch closer to what they dream to achieve. It’s always incredible to see such inspiration from others that will force you to get out of bed and go after your goals.

How Did La Joyeria Start?

La Joyeria - The Story Of How It Started

With health issues circulating around the world and in here as well, it was evident to them that taking care of health is of utmost priority. They wanted to launch a product that can offer just that. Of course, they are fully aware of the fact that good health relies on multiple factors. In fact, good health or the immune system takes years to build.

However, if we don’t start now then we will never be on that road to good health. Considering that currently in our country, most home fragrance products come with a gazillion chemicals that are not only full of toxins but can also lower our immune system. In times like these, that’s the last thing we would ever want.

They decided to launch a range of products that can fill your home with the richness of natural aroma while being eco-friendly as well. So they launched a series of Soy Candles with an aroma that can radiate your home as well as your health.

Of course, they did not come with years of experience in candle making. That only meant one thing, work day and night to learn and implement and then repeat. With their regular 9-5 jobs, they spent sleepless nights making candles and testing them to ensure that they can be used by their future customers.

All that effort paid off at the end, they soon became the masters in making candles and were ready to start shipping them.

The Challenges they faced.

The Challenges they faced.
La Joyeria - The Story Of How It Started

Being optimistic in nature, they thought that all it was going to take was a couple of forms and a few signatures. But as luck would have it, they dealt with some serious amount of delays in getting their business set up. As I said earlier, some of these challenges are something that we are never prepared for.

La Joyeria, just like any other small business also faced another problem; logistics. The issue is that no whole seller would offer them raw materials such as soy wax, aroma, or containers at a wholesale rate. They were either forced to buy items in huge quantities or not buy them at all. That would simply throw the business equation off the balance.

Still keeping their head high, trying to make their way into the business. With a lot of struggle, they did manage to find some businesses that were willing to offer products. That took a great burden off of their shoulders.

What do their customers have to say?

What do their customers have to say?

Customers are getting used to the idea of working with small businesses. They are a little wary of trusting a business very easily. You can’t blame them, many customers have been cheated and some might have a bad taste. However, with the idea of #vocalforlocal and #makeinindia doing rounds in the country, more customers are out there to support them.

Soy Candles are a fairly new product in the Indian Market. Although, there are a few sellers here but not primarily known. As a result, customers are not entirely sure what they are getting. In addition, many of them have gotten used to getting products at cheaper prices on bigger e-commerce sites. What they don’t know is the kind of arm twisting the sellers go through on these channels.

Plus, small businesses care for every order they receive and put in their personal efforts to deliver the best. Not just their best but a lot of love and affection. Single customer feedback can make or break their day. Customers somehow fail to see that. They only tend to see the price tag but not the quality.

Let me ask you, would you rather buy a paraffin candle and fill your home with chemicals or go for an eco-friendly option. The latter is expensive though.

Some of their customers who purchased these candles were simply blown away. I guess anybody would.

What do they offer?

What do they offer?

They offer multiple home fragrance options such as candles in a fancy jar or a simple mason jar, fragrance bars for wardrobe and closet or wax melts for a quick aroma infusion.

With aromas like Jasmine, lavender, citronella, sandalwood, tea-rose, and more, you will never run out of options. Along with such products, one of the unique products is a cup candle rich with healing chakra stones which is an entirely new product. You must try them out to really know what I am talking about.

In fact, I couldn’t write about them without testing them myself. So I ordered a set of wax melts with a diffuser. A few minutes after the diffuser was lit and placing the wax melts on it, the whole house was filled with fragrance that I had never experienced.

You should definitely visit their site (Click here) and explore these candles. I bet you on the fact that you will be taken by surprise and wouldn’t go for anything else.


I would want to conclude by saying that a small business is the backbone of any country. If we are going to encourage a mindset where people do their own thing, we share equal responsibility. As customers, we have to be a bit more gentle while working with small businesses and vice versa.

I also hope that other businesses drop unnecessary competition and share their experience to help each other out. How else are we ever going to be better if we can’t touch the lives of the people that we come across?

A good luck to you La Joyeria in their business adventure.

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1 year ago

Supporting small businesses is everything! I would say now is the perfect time to do that. Locals businesses are shutting down due to the pandemic and it is just so upsetting.

I got to say, I love the caring and beautiful posts this blog brings to us. You are amazing! Wonderful post 🙂

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