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How Plants Can Change Your Life

After accidentally stumbling across a video of plants fanatic on YouTube. I decided to bring a couple of them at home. The video was about the plants that are hard to kill. Well, I managed to “kill them…”

Although the story has a sad ending it taught me one of the greatest lessons. Sometimes, we tend to destroy the things that we love the most when we over care for them.

In the case of the plants, I over cared for them thinking that water is the primary source of nutrition and they needed that a lot. It is not just my story but of an every over caring plant owner.

I am quite an emotional person & I didn’t take the dying of the plants well. Although, I had a garden full of plants as a child and took care of them with the help of my mom. You will be surprised how quickly the knowledge and expertise could be lost.

So I decided to learn everything there is about taking care of the plants. Of course, I watched countless YouTube videos. Summer Rayne Oaks, is my favorite go-to YouTube star for all the plant queries.

How can plants teach us anything?

How can plants teach us anything?

It’s a reasonable question. When they don’t speak or express anything emotionally, how can they really teach us anything?

If you are someone who has a garden and if they are taken care of by your parents or siblings or a partner, then you would still experience the beauty. More importantly, your subconscious mind will notice the nature and create a peaceful state without you realizing it.

On the other hand, in case you are the one that’s growing and maintaining the plants, you will agree that the things plant teach us can be used as life lessons.

I know it rather sounds dramatic, but believe me, if you are into growing plants, then you would know how it feels. Of course, we know that they can’t talk or express anything the way animals do.

For example, when you first bring a dog home, you have no idea what it wants and when it wants. However, after a few months (for first timers) you learn every expression and understand what it means.

Plants are no different, in some ways. They point out when they need water, pruning, nutrition, or re-potting. If you pay close attention, there are lessons in it too…

What do “Plants” teach us?

What do "Plants" teach us?

Going back to the original story, after watching hours of videos on YouTube I decided to start bringing in plants to my little apartment. If you are ever confused about which ones to bring, try these easy to care for ones that are also quite instagrammable.

Of course, I didn’t become a genius about all the plants there are, however, learned most things about the ones that I got.

While trying to take care of them, I realized that they were taking care of me in many ways. So, let me share the things that you and I can learn from them.

1. Patience


Anyone that’s into gardening or plants at home would be curious and equally impatient. That’s because we want to see the plant grow as fast as possible. When the new leaf pops out, we want to it spread into a fully developed one ASAP.

No matter what you do it will take its own sweet time. Over the course of time, you learn to accept the fact that patience is the key. The lesson for life here is that no matter how much we want some things to happen, right now, it will only happen in time.

Don’t take me wrong. I don’t mean to say that we should sit back and wait for good things to happen. Just like the new leaf, we’ve got to ensure that it has everything it needs to grow well. Similarly, we have to put in the effort and patience to see the results whenever they arrive.

2. Over Caring

Over Care

As I mentioned in the beginning, I killed some of the hard to kill plants. Not because I didn’t care for them, in fact, it was the complete opposite. I cared too much.

When we can kill some of the toughest plants by over-caring, we also have the potential to kill the relationships with people by doing just that. It’s good to care for the loved ones, when done wrong or too much, we are also stealing away their possibility of growth.

We become overprotective and that suspends their ability to learn how to deal with things on their own. In addition, they tend to feel caged in that relationship.

Be there with the loved ones, support them in their pursuit, and in case something does go wrong, be there to help them.

3. Need for bigger space

Need for bigger space

You need to leave wherever you are and find yourself a bigger place. Oh wait, hold on…

That’s not what this is about. When plants are in a pot and outgrow it, they tend to become root-bound. That hinders their growth and you will gradually notice that the leaves tend to turn yellow or brown. That’s a tel-tale sign for a change.

What I mean in that context is that we end up living in a small mental space, trapped in complacency, and stop growing. It’s important to constantly focus on learning, personal development, or keep meeting new people. That way, if you feel like the current state is not enough, you have other options to look forward to.

We all need a reason to wake up each day and doing (every day) the same thing that we don’t want to do can be limiting in finding that purpose in life.

4. See the signs

See the signs

We kill plants by overwatering them in most cases. However, when under-watered their leaves start to droop. This doesn’t happen with every plant though. It’s a sign that the plants need water and some attention. You would notice that it quickly comes back up.

Our bodies aren’t so different. Before we fall sick, our bodies show some signs indicating that a certain aspect needs help. We need to see such signs and take the required measures before we start to droop.

From my personal experience, I overlooked so many health warnings and paid a heavy price.

5. Plants need a Suitable Environment

Plants need a Suitable Environment

My apartment doesn’t get enough sunlight, that got me to buy plants that can survive in low lights. Now, the reason why some plants are able to handle low light is that such plants grow under huge trees. They don’t get direct sunlight but a filtered one.

Having said that I brought a bunch of plants that can handle just that. However, they barely managed to survive and could not flourish. I tried to force the environment to them and watching carefully how much water I gave them.

Soon, they started showing signs that they weren’t happy in such a location. Before things got worse, I moved them onto the very little balcony that gets sufficient filtered light. As expected, they loved it and did much better than before.

We continue to live in a toxic environment that we hate but still stick around. I know that it’s not as easy just moving plants, but know that we won’t flourish. If you are stuck in a workplace, career, or relationship, it’s time to think about the future and start taking steps to get out of such environment.

All it needs is a bit of planning and working out an exit strategy. What’s the point of living in such an environment where we can’t grow or flourish.

Bonus: Plenty of Benefits

Growing plants and taking care of them have several benefits. Mixing the soil with bare hands, making different combinations for respective plants is so satisfying. Taking care of them and watching them grow can be so inspiring and full of love.

This starts as a hobby but soon turns into a therapeutic experience. At least, for me it did.

To be honest with you, it can also be addicting to a certain extent. What started with 2 plants, at one point I owned over 60 plants. For space I have they are a lot. I think this is one addiction I can live with.

Everyday nuts and bolts of the taking of them are something that I look forward to.

End of Story…

That’s it folks, I hope you all like it. I now believe in the philosophy that we can learn from everything around us. As long as we are open to see it, there’s a lesson that anybody can teach us. Doesn’t matter how young or small they are.

Life’s full of lessons and it is important to learn them for us to become a better version of our self.

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