What Are The Features And Benefits Of Autonomous Driving?

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Autonomous Driving?

Autonomous driving has gradually picked up its pace and popularity over the course of time. We all remember the animate tv series “The Jetson”. It showed a futuristic times where we have flying cars and houses built in the sky. Of course, flying cars are probably for the future even for 2020, however, self driver cars are here though.

Let’s first understand what it means by autonomous driving.

What is an Autonomous Driving?

We people always tend to be lazy in some way or other by using any kind of tech or gadget. Here is one more technology that encourages this. Yes, it is Autonomous driving powered with Artificial Intelligence.

What is an Autonomous Driving?

Autonomous is a futuristic and evolving technology of enabling vehicular movement without or with fewer personal efforts. This reduces the driver’s efforts to take care of the traction while driving. Few sensors trigger on the basis of some pre-defined checkpoints and do the trick.

Actually, automation driving doesn’t only enable full automation but sometimes, it also enables some basic level of automation. It may be just assistance to the drivers or partial assistance or conditional automation. But some high-end cars tend to use high level and full level automation as well.

Features of Autonomous Driving

There are various features of autonomous driving that make it the most exciting technology in the Automobile sector. But many features and functionalities of Autonomous Driving are still in the developing stage which might consume some years to develop.

Some of those features are:

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control Features Of Autonomous Driving

This feature helps the driver to ensure a safe distance from the other vehicle in the forward. This is possible by maintaining constant speed to ensure passenger safety.

2. Lane Control

Lane control

This feature ensures that the vehicle always in the lane intact with the aid of GPS and sensors. The distances of the lane markers, nearby vehicles, and road edges are monitored to stay safe within the lane.

3. Light Detection and Ranging

Light Detection and Ranging Features Of Autonomous Driving

This feature makes the job of identifying the object and determining its distance from the other vehicle.

4. Vehicular Interaction

Vehicular Interaction

This feature makes one moving/ stationary vehicle to communicate with another moving/ stationary vehicle to maintain safety.

5. Automated Emergency Braking System

Automated Emergency Braking System

This feature helps in avoiding an emergency collision between any other vehicle or object while driving. The braking force is applied automatically to stop the sudden collision. Many parameters such as objective identification and detection are monitored.

6. Street Sign Recognition

Street Sign Recognition

This feature empowers the vehicle to recognize various road signs with plenty of data from the fitted sensors.

Benefits of Autonomous Driving

Using any technological advancements become more exciting and been readily used because of the benefit that it could impart to the end user.

1. Traffic reduction

Traffic reduction

Autonomous cars can facilitate the provision of velocity variations while driving to reduce the stop-and-go habits of humans. That results in fewer traffic congestions.

2. Traffic road death fall

Traffic road death fall

Based on the USA reported surveys, human errors are found to contribute to accidents of over 90 % in 2017. With driverless or less influential drivers, the vehicle will be able to drive more-safer. Thus, traffic deaths could potentially be falling when technology starts to evolve.

3. Saving the Travel span

As a result of automation, we could save on a lot of travel span. With improvised driving methodology, up to 40% of travel time can be reduced.

4. Augmented Lane capacity

Augmented Lane capacity

Lane Capacity seems to augment as per a road survey. Nearly 500% of lane capacity will be increased with the proper utilization of the Autonomous driving methodology.

5. Reduced Running and Maintenance costs

Reduced Running and Maintenance costs

With automation, fuel efficiency can increase, and travel time can be decreased. Thus, the running costs borne by the end user of the autonomous driving enabled cars gets reduced.

Many car maintenance costs are usually due to human errors. Either, it may be due to the improper usage of the cars or failing to take preventive measures before a major fail. Resulting in overall reduced maintenance cost.


Even though autonomous driving is not fully executed, it is still exciting to see the kind of features it offers. The fully autonomous cars are not fully ideal or perfect since it has some disadvantages as well. So, the end-users who are eager to use these kinds of advanced autonomous driving should be aware of this.

The users also need to understand which level of automation that he/ she needs. Anyway, the autonomous driving cars have only made up to level 2 since the remainder 3 are not perfect. Various researchers are still questioning the need and prevalence of these automated cars on the road. Thus, the craze towards this tech seems ever-increasing to make it ideal for use by all.

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10 months ago

Woow, I am truly amazed :0 The increase of technology makes a lot of things more easier. But, I guess it comes with its disadvantages. I like your chart on maintaining costs (the difference is unbelievable).

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