Drowning Lives – What is happening to us?

In the current context of global events, Coronavirus is the far worst enemy right now. It’s great to see how the world quickly adapted to new ways in the wake of a deadly virus. Saving our Drowning Lives!

What is happening to us?

Over 167 thousand people infected and a lot of them died. It’s a grave situation for the world at this time. Not many things can literally shake us to this extent, It’s a global pandemic, all major news channels, politicians and highly influential people have said it. We are fear-stricken in ways that only a hand wash can save us and of course a costly hand-sanitizer (cheap ones don’t work) and a few guns.

Drowning lives

There is nothing wrong with buying a sanitizer, in fact, hygiene should always be a priority even in the absence of COVID-19. In Italy, with 50 plus deaths declared due to Coronavirus, CNBC reported that the sale of hand sanitizers increased to 1807% in just the first 2 weeks in February 2020. This is a stupendous amount of volume by all standards. I live in India, hand sanitizer is a commodity for the higher middle classes and above. Apparently, this has forced the families to buy disinfectants going out of their budgets for the month. However, antibacterial soap is far more effective and economical. It seems quite easy to alter consumer behavior when they are afraid.

With the rising levels of fear, Asian communities living abroad are stocking guns in order to defend themselves against a potential backlash. As a result, other communities are stocking firearms just to be safe. You have to be ready when the time comes, right?

Be careful who you choose as your enemy because that’s who you become most like.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Our Drowning Lives in Fear!

I am not advocating that this virus is not deadly, my heart goes out for those who have lost their family member around the world. Our fears are also adding a huge level of panic causing people to take drastic measures without realizing the implications. We all would know someone that struggles with serious anxiety, stress or even depression. This level of fear can lead to a severe elevation in their stress levels and affect them in many ways.

Running over to supermarkets and emptying the racks to stock up our homes with supplies is resulting in some people not being able to get their hands on even the basic necessities. In times like these, we all have a greater responsibility in sharing the resources more sensibly. Buy whatever is necessary for your family, don’t over-shop because there is a higher chance that a lot of it will go to waste. Be a minimalist for a few weeks, it can be economical and beneficial. Share your supplies with someone that needs it for all we know your neighbor might be out of them.

Numbers matter!

This virus came to us an eye-opener about the fact that how poor sanitary hygiene can kill us. As per a WHO report, some 870,000 people die each year in low to middle-income countries. That’s a seriously high number of deaths compared to what the Virus is doing. We are looking at an enemy that has killed with a greater impact than any recent virus.

As a layman and not an expert in the world crisis, I would generally assume that the magnitude of an issue is based on the volume. Right? Well, why not because as a common man we have grown to measure things with numbers. Imagine there were minimal cases of viral contractions or if there were 1 or 2 deaths a year caused by terrorism or war we would have not invested in huge precautions. These numbers help us understand the severity of the problem and lead us to take the necessary action.

As a result of this outbreak, we can see that the Global Leaders are joining hands and contributing resources to fight this. So, with measures like these, we could have fought many problems that our world suffers from today.

Let’s see the numbers.

  • Poor Sanitation: 432,000 deaths each year due to poor sanitation.
  • Safe Drinking Water: Over 800 million people do not have access to clean drinking water.
  • Pneumonia: over 808,694 deaths due to pneumonia. These were children under the age of 5 in 2017.
  • Obesity: 300,000 deaths each year due to obesity caused by poor eating habits in the US.
  • World Hunger: In 2017 report by WHO indicated that 821 million people go hungry.
  • Firearms: Nearly 35,000 deaths caused by firearms, in the US.
  • Medical Errors: Over 100,000 deaths due to medical errors in the US and is a lot higher in developing countries.

If numbers and volumes were to be highly important, there could have been a lot changed over a period of time. In most cases, we become immune to the idea of seeing this number as an acceptable figure. Especially, if such numbers tend to last for a prolonged period of time. Coronavirus impact showed that countries can take extreme measures in dealing with a global event.


To reiterate, I am not saying that one particular reason for death is severe than the other. The idea of showing these numbers was to give all of us a sense of direction in dealing with global problems. The only way of achieving a greater impact on the World crisis is by joining hands. Sometimes crisis like this brings out the worst in us, we should do our best to let the good win. Take necessary precautions in protecting yourself and also do something that benefits society. Spread love and kindness, not panic.

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