These 30 Daily Habits Will Change Your Life

Keep reading to find the list of 30 daily habits that changed the way I do things and I have experienced a significant change.

building daily habits for a good life

What you are going to hear from me, in most cases, it’s probably nothing new. Everyone has talked about it in some form or the other. Although, what’s unique about this post is that everything I am sharing is purely based on my personal experience. Some of these daily habits have a significant role in my life right now, the power that these habits have are like a tesseract. They will blow your mind.

To be honest, I had been meaning to write about things to do during the quarantine to keep yourself busy. However, I quickly realized that I have personally not experienced any of those things. That forced me to delete that post. So, I spent roughly about 2-3 months experimenting with various practices to conclude what has actually benefited me.

These times have been rough for a lot of people. Some people have lost jobs, unable to work, small businesses are suffering. On the other hand, there is another set of people who are finding it difficult to be in isolation. It’s perfectly understandable, we had never foreseen anything like this and it is quite natural for us to feel the way we are feeling right now.

For the most part, a lot of suffering comes from our unwillingness to adapt to changes. Everyone loves their comfort zone, a more stable environment. One thing that we should pay attention to is that everything constantly changes around us.

So, how does building daily habits work?

This is one of the most challenging experiences for most of us. We’d get excited about something, pick one of the daily habits and drop it in a few days. If you any of you have ever joined a gym or bought a guitar or a treadmill would know exactly I am talking about.

Let me share an anecdote here. A newborn child doesn’t start talking or walking as soon as they are born. They first begin to crawl, scratch their knees, fall, get bruises, etc. However, they keep at it, they are resilient and don’t give up until they fully walk. It’s a nightmare for parents but they understand that it’s how they learned it too.

One should think about the reasons why they want to pick a hobby or a good habit. What benefit does it have? Why this or why not something else?

When you outline the reasons why you want to do what you have decided to do, it becomes a lot easier. Always remind yourself of that reason. Don’t do it for someone else, do it for yourself.

Ask yourself a deeper question, “Do I really want to Change my Life for the better?”. Do you think your answer will be a no?

When you truly choose life over anything else, you will realize that making smaller changes in your life won’t be too difficult. When I wrote about healthy living choices, I specifically mentioned about starting small. Set yourself smaller goals that you can achieve and at the same time lead you to something bigger.

Here are the 30 daily habits that you came here for.

Besides the daily habits, I am going to share how to incorporate these habits and overcome challenges.

1. Affirmations

Affirmations, one of the daily habits

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools in the law of attraction. As easy as it may sound, for some reason it can be the hardest thing to do. Write down a precise affirmation that you would want to go with. It should be simple, clear, and concise. Memorize the affirmation and let them be the first words that you say.

One may feel awkward in saying these out loud, you can start by saying them in your head. You would want to repeat the affirmation 5 or 6 times a day. The majority of my time is spent on the desk. So, I have a little poster in front of me that constantly reminds me to say it. Secondly, I also have a screensaver added to my computer that pops up when I return from the break.

If you are a housewife, whichever place in the house you spent the most amount of time, you would want to place the poster or a note there.

Saying these affirmations has been one of my favorite daily habits because they constantly assure me that I am on the right path. They also keep me in check with my goals, remind of not losing my focus, and continue to be persistent.

2. No Phone Policy

Using phone while in bed

We have come to an age and times where being attached to the phones is fundamental. As a result, we spend an exorbitant amount of time on phones. Social media, memes, funny or motivating videos, they all are designed to keep you hooked.

Although, in moderation, it isn’t so bad to take a break and have a good laugh. However, if we don’t keep a check, we will soon spiral down towards a highly unproductive day.

First, do not keep your phone beside your bed while sleeping. Phones emit high radiation that has long term health effects and has been proven by science. Keeping them more than 6 feet away is a good idea. Come to think of it, there is no need for a phone to be so close to you when you are trying to get a good night’s rest.

Second, let it not be the first thing you spend time on as soon as you wake up. There are plenty of things that are going on in the world. Some things might put a smile on your face and somethings might just make you anxious.

If it is too difficult, take a quick glance to check the time and if there are any urgent messages from your family and friends. In most cases, your work hours are decided and anything about the work can be addressed when you start your work.

From my personal experience, this reduces our stress levels significantly and I have started to feel calmer than before. All you gotta do is try it for 30 days. If you feel like quitting, just remind yourself that you started doing this to make your life better and you don’t have any reason to quit.

3. Make Your Bed

make your bed is one of the daily habits

I am sure you know that this is probably the most talked-about daily habits. I wonder why a simple task such as this is ignored by almost all of us.

This is one of the first things that are taught in the Army. If a person makes a bed, every single day then everything to that person can be achievable. Try this for 30 days, you will be amazed at the fact that this can literally improve your resolve by huge fractions.

One small habit such as this can have a significant mindset shift that you will be in awe. It only takes a couple of minutes to do it. Imagine going to bed at night which is nicely done. It has a beautiful effect on your sleep too.

4. A Glass of lukewarm water

Drinking warm water

You have said you affirmations, haven’t touched your phone, and made your bed. Now, it’s time for the first drink of the day. This is not a weight loss tip though. Drinking warm has some amazing benefits. It can improve digestion, calms the nervous system, and keep you hydrated.

To top it off, you can squeeze in the lemon that can also give you a boost of vitamin c. Alternate the use of lemon every other day, sometimes it can increase the acidic levels in the body. Nonetheless, just plain old warm water can still have wondrous effects on an everyday habit.

5. No Caffeine

say no to caffeine - daily habits

I am not saying to not have coffee or tea at all but resist having the cup of tea to wake yourself. Believe it or not, I have been a coffee fanatic and tea lover, that’s always the first thing that I did after waking up. The only problem with that is it continues to keep you hooked on it. Very soon you are going to realize that you will need that shot of energy to wake yourself.

Our mind continues to trick us to use coffee to wake up. That should be a natural process. Some days can be tough, maybe you don’t get enough sleep or rest and it’s fine on those days as an exception. Expose yourself some natural light, if you are working at nights then gradually turn up the lights at home so that it doesn’t shock your eyes.

Have that cup of coffee or tea along with breakfast which is usually a couple of hours later. That way your dependency on the caffeine to wake you up slowly reduces.

6. The 3 Minute Walk

Walk to wake up

I also call this the 3 minutes wake up the walk. This little 3-minute walk changes everything. If you are fighting the urge to grab that freshly brewed coffee when you wake up, then this is the perfect energy shot.

This can be a game-changer for most of us, it is not a strenuous workout or takes a lot of effort. Getting out of the house, maybe to the terrace, lawn, or just around the corner can significantly improve your day.

This walk doesn’t necessarily contribute towards a good calorie burn or anything but has a long-lasting effect on your day. The way it helps is that it increases your blood flow just enough to get going which in turn helps the energies in your body to flow as well. Movement always moves energy.

7. Feel & Experience

Feel and experience

A long time ago one of my friends recommended me to read a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. As the title suggests, the book is about how to consciously our focus to the present moment which is the Now. We have become result-oriented in most cases, everything is always a means to an end. We would start our simple tasks and all that goes on in our head the end of it.

That has strayed us from feeling and experiencing the world around us. What I want you to do is to pay attention to the simplest of the tasks that you do. For example, when you wash your hands, pay attention to the temperature of the water, how it feels on the holds. When you apply soap, pay attention to the texture of the soap, the fragrance, and other aspects like that.

This is going to fine-tune our minds to constantly bring back our attention to the present moment. Of course, I am, by no means saying that we are going to become zen masters by doing this but it will surely help us on paying attention to the little things in our life that we don’t pay much attention to. These little steps will help us achieve the idea of being in the moment; one act at a time.

8. The Walk

The Walk

This may seem like a sudden jump from 3 min. walk to a longer one. That one was to give a slight dopamine increase to wake you up. The reason why I include this into a separate section is to promote a movement that will also add some physical work in your regime.

All you gotta do is include a 20-30 min walk a day. Come to think of it whether we are working from home to travel to work, it isn’t going to be highly difficult to fit this in the schedule. After all, we want to change our lives and no excuse can stop us really. Agreed?

When you come to think of, this can be one of the easiest daily habits to incorporate in everyday life. We have spent an incredibly large number of social media, all we need is a change in mindset. Start small, let’s a 5 min walk and add 1 min every day. In 15-20 days you will be able to enjoy 30 mins, no problems!

9. No Complaints

Daily habits - No Complaints

It’s only human to criticize something that we see that doesn’t match our perspective or stands in the wavelength as our beliefs. However, if we just incorporate a slight shift in our mindset the same attitude can really turn into an amazing attribute.

To elaborate on that a little more, how about we constantly think of a solution instead of a problem. Instead of complaining that something that is not right, when not train our brain to think of a solution. There are 2 ways that will help us in life. One is by constantly reconfiguring our brain to find an optimum solution and at the same time reduce the stress of constantly thinking about a problem and assuming there is no solution to it.

Follow the same reprogramming method while dealing with friends or family or even colleagues. People will always find you as a problem solver and not just another background chatter.

10. The 2 Min Rule

The 2 Min Rule

This is as simple as it sounds, as simple as it looks and as simple as you think. We have plenty of tasks to complete in a day, whether we are working individuals (from home or office) or someone taking care of the house and kids. Among all of the tasks, our day is also filled with so many things to do that require the least effort and time.

We generally push those things down the pipeline, considering they are so simple and will be able to do them any time later. What happens in our brain is completely different, it remains in our subconscious, whether we realize it or not, it continues to haunt us throughout the day.

So, if there’s anything that can be done in 2 mins or less – “Just Do It”

11. To Do List

To-do list is one of the best daily habits

This has recently become one of my personal favorite daily habits. I had read and watched a gazillion videos on motivation and how to improve focus, most of the videos talk about writing a to-do list that can help achieve tasks. It always seems like the most exaggerated exercise, when we can easily make a mental note of what we need to achieve during the day.

When I had to sit down and write about the things that I did daily, it seemed fairly doable during the day. It was most likely a mental barrier that I build to comfort my brain You know in case I didn’t achieve a task in a day, it was alright and my brain automatically thinks that I have a lot on my plate.

Having said that, when I started doing the To-Do List, it simply became clearer that everything that I do just need some planning and execution. Normally, I would do a variety of things and activities that are not interconnected.

So, I quickly drew up a list, categorized them into sections that match similar types of work. It all made sense, right there. I will agree that I didn’t have instant success with that, I had to redesign my list daily to find a perfect pattern.

When that clicked, I haven’t looked back ever since. Remember, all you have to do is try this everyday habit for a couple of weeks to really see the difference.

12. The Movement

The movement

By now you would have realized that these daily habits don’t take up a lot of your time, this is purely a reprogramming of our brain to think and function better.

Everything that we do or don’t creates energy. Energy is not constant, it loves movement. When we add movement in our daily activities, it regulates the movement of energy. The physical movement can regulate the energy levels in your mind, body, and soul.

If you are like me, who is constantly working on a desk and the work doesn’t require a lot of physical movement then you have to try this out. Various research and studies have shown that the attention span to complete a task in adults has gone down to 20 mins or less.

That’s actually a troublesome number!

Keeping that as a benchmark, if we are performing tasks then it is important to take a break every 20 mins. By this, I am not proposing the idea of taking a 15 min break and losing the track/focus of what we were doing. Take a 2-3 min break, move around, stretch for a little bit and come back up to your desk.

This simple movement idea has multiple benefits, you can gradually increase the time you sit on the desk. Start with 20 mins and move it up to 40 mins. This improves your ability to focus better, especially if you are in a creative field then it can really help in recharging your brain quickly and come back with a fresh perspective.

13. Stay Hydrated
Daily habits - Stay Hydrated

What seems like the natural thing to do, but you will be surprised to know how many of us ignore this aspect of our regular or daily habits.

Well, I am not here to tell you how much water your body needs. Although, there are plenty of articles that suggest that drink an X amount of water is necessary. At the same time, a lot of studies also conclude that excessive drinking of water stresses our internal organs.

Our body is the best judge, they always show signs. When we are drinking less water, we would find ourselves with dried lips, burning in eyes (extreme cases), or simply a dried throat. On the other hand, drinking too much water will result in urinating more often than we should.

Find a balance and strike that optimum level by just paying close attention to how your body reacts to different situations. The key is to be mindful of consuming water at regular intervals. There are plenty of benefits to following this as your daily habits. The bonus – It can significantly improve your focus.

14. Low to No Sugar
Low to no sugar

I have shared some of my favorite daily habits, this one’s right at the bottom of the list (although it’s in the middle here).

Consumption of processed sugar can really spike up our body’s glucose levels, it lowers our immune system and has been a major reason for diabetes and heart risks. Adult men and women should consume less than 35 grams and 25 grams respectively on a daily basis.

This can be crossed severely if you are into artificial soft drinks and processed juices and other food items. When I wrote about healthier lifestyle choices, this aspect had appeared there too. This is to highlight the importance and risks involved in taking too much sugar when there are plenty of alternatives.

Initially one can switch to alternatives such as organic honey or jaggery. Now that doesn’t mean that we can take large volumes of these alternatives, however, replacing sugar with these items can show a significant impact on your mood and energy levels. Taking sugar can boost the energy levels for a little bit, but when your body craves it, then it can also bring mood swings and fatigue in the future.

The aim is switch towards more natural options such as fruits and vegetables that can substitute our sweets craving.

15. Use the other hand
Using alternate hand

For a long time, people with left-handed abilities were looked down thinking that lefties were a version of the devil. You know, the devil was known to have been a lefty himself.

It took centuries before people opened up towards the left-handed ones as the same people. Still, roughly 80% of the people are right-handed. It is constantly being studied as to why some people use their left hand and vice versa. Most of it has to do with genetic built and the brain’s language ability. Of course, it isn’t as simple as it sounds but we not here to talk about that.

Whatever our dominant hand is, it is more likely on an auto-pilot mode. We will use our right had to eat, write, or perform some other functions without the dominant hand without realizing it. However, switch to do some basic tasks to the non-dominant hand can have some benefits. This is another one of those tricks that can help reprogramme our brain.

Some studies have shown that in the process of trying to use our non-dominant hand can help us unlocking the creative sections of our brains.

With everything that we do daily, especially most tasks, our brain already knows how to perform them without much attention.

For example, take brushing our teeth, we would always, “always”, use our dominant hand to do that, the same goes for scooping protein powder from the jar or pouring water. This is happening without us being consciously present in that moment.

You should definitely try some of the activities, although results can be seen over some time but just be consistent. Sometimes we need the brain a little short or shock to jump-start whole new dimension.

16. Procrastination

Does this sound like a counter intuitive to what we have been talking about?

for obvious reasons, procrastination has been one of the most looked down upon traits. It’s not a healthy practice, to be honest, it can keep us farther and away from our goals and dreams (to be simply put).

I want you to try this procrastination technique on some of the unhealthy daily habits that you have. Let’s be fair to ourselves, it’s natural for most of us to have some bad habits that we picked up over time.

Let’s just take smoking cigarettes for example, when the craving for smoking arrives there’s no stopping us from getting one. Now, most people believe or suggest that craving only lasts for 3 minutes. In simple terms, yes, but it can be more complicated than that.

The same thing applies to sugar cravings. So, whenever you have an urge to do something that you know of that has a negative impact, “Procrastinate it”.

Do it to push that activity for the next 10 mins, monitor those 10 mins, and continue to add 1 additional min each day once you are successful with the initial target.

Makes Sense?

This is a practice to eliminate some bad habits with a little bit of practice every day.

17. Break Your Goals

I recently watched a video that explains the importance of a morning routine that works on everyone basis of their life situations at the moment. I believe that very much because there is one size fits all formula in life. Everyone is living life differently and are in unique stages in their own growth charts. I am sharing the video here in case someone wants to watch it instead of reading it.

It’s important to have a long term goal, however, that long term goal can’t be achieved today. In fact, it can be so overwhelming that most of us would not even start. I agree that fears and the hesitation is reasonable because for now it is unquestionably tough and we are unprepared.

When we break down our goals into smaller segments or sections, a huge weight is lifted. At that moment, you would realize that achieving this first section of our goal is possible. That means you are one step closer towards achieving it rather than just sitting down daydreaming about that.

I’ll take the same example from the video, it’ll make sense in case you alternatively watch the video. A person from the audience asked a question, my dream is to own a restaurant but the idea is so overwhelming that I am afraid to do it.

The response was to shrink your goal, instead of constantly thinking about owning a restaurant, think about starting one instead. This makes it incredibly easy for us simply because this as a first step is achievable. If we just focus on the smaller parts of the goal one at a time, it feels possible. Think about it for a second!

The second suggestion was to be a student every day for 10-15 mins. Be the student everyday and research everything that you can about starting a restaurant, find videos, blogs, literature, stories, etc. There is plenty of content online these days. This is going to equip us so much knowledge that taking that first step may not scare us as much as it did before.

The third powerful technique is Visualization. It’s greatly beneficial to have a visual board of our dreams, the road map, a note pad, or photos that will help us achieve these goals. It’s equally important to imagine ourselves taking steps and feel the emotions in that process.

Among all the daily habits, this is one of the powerful tools to use everyday.

18. Mange your finances with 50/20/30 Rule
50-20-30 Rule

Instead of micromanaging your every expense and making a note in a diary of every single transaction, this 50/20/30 rule simplifies the whole game.

50% – Needs: This section is dedicated to your Needs and Essentials. Some absolutely necessary things, such as rent car payment, food, or medical expenses. Broadly classify and allocate 50% of your income towards these expenses, that way you know that the X amount (50%) of income you have set aside will go towards these expenses, no questions asked.

30% – Wants: This portion is allocated towards your wants. These are some of the things that include buying a new phone, a dinner, or a movie on the weekends, buying an expensive car compared to an economic one. Everything that is included here is optional and tweak your spending here as long as that does not go beyond 30%.

20% – Goals: Goals are the next best things after the essentials. Everyone might have a different type of goal, for some, it may be just saving the money and for some, it could be an investment to enjoy greater returns and benefits. Some others may use this section to invest in learning the skills that can pay them off in the future.

As I mentioned earlier, this is one of those daily habits that do not require you to micro-manage your expenses on a daily basis. Rather, do this at the beginning of the month and stick to those percentages. Takes a load off your shoulders when it comes to keeping a daily track of expenses.

19. Infused Water
Infused water

In one of the previous articles that we published, we wrote in detail about 10 amazing healthy drinks that one should have. One of my personal favorites is infused water. You can include so many fruits and vegetables, just slice them and let them soak in the water. Leave for 30 mins or more, then drink it.

Staying hydrated is very important, and water mostly provides you with a lot of minerals. However, a lot of us are depending on RO or filtered water that can take away some of the benefits. Infused water can certain up the game for you by keeping you hydrated along with providing the benefits of natural nutrients.

20. Learn New Skills
Daily Habits - Learn New Skills

No matter what age we are, continuing to learn new things will definitely keep things spiced up. Generally speaking, most of us leave anything to do with learning once we leave school or college. Adding a skill seems to far fetched or we are always busy to learn something new.

That sometimes also keeps us tied to jobs that we are not really happy with. One of the key aspects of successful people’s life is their constant grind and willingness to learn new things every day.

let me share an example from my life, I have always dreamt of being a traveler that works from exotic locations and gets paid. Watching YouTube videos of people doing what I dream of was more depressing.

I soon realized the fact that I have learned or developed skills over a period that could have helped or enabled me to work like those people did. However, once I paid attention to that the possibilities now are completely different from where I was a year ago.

We always have excuses and reasons for why we are not doing what we should be doing. Nobody has changed the world sitting on the couch sulking. We have to put in the work.

21. What happened to our hobbies?
daily rituals and hobbies

We are talking about daily habits, how can we not talk about hobbies.

Just like learning, we have for some reason let go of our hobbies too. you know what they say if we have 3 hobbies – One for entertainment, one for being healthy and one that can make us money, our lives could have been a lot different.

I don’t want to focus much on the money-making aspect of the hobbies. The reason why I endorse the idea of pursuing a hobby is that it creates a balance in our crazy busy lives. We are bummed out with so many things going on that it can get a little difficult to maintain the sanity sometimes.

Hobbies not only keep you entertained but help us relieve a great amount of stress that can be beneficial for our health. Besides, it is also a way to break those creative barriers in our minds. If you have that guitar collecting dust, then it’s time to pick that up, polish, and get yourself in tune. You can tune the guitar too!

There are things that we want to do, read books, sketch, draw, paint, decorate, write but then always get busy in life. I found that an effective trick for doing things, it is to say to yourself that you just need 15 mins a day. This simple trick can get you that time that you so deserve to pursue a hobby.

22. Keep a diary
Keep a diary

This one as a daily habit has existed for centuries if not millenniums. You would wonder why. There are a lot of people among us that are expressive, and many of us aren’t. Maintaining a diary can help you express and write about things that you don’t feel comfortable with.

I am talking about a diary in a traditional sense were people kept secrets that they didn’t want others to know. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that. What I want to bring your attention towards is using this tool as a form of expression.

If you are struggling to share, have feelings that are just building up inside, then write that down. I worked with an energy healer to restore from the damage I went through. When she first advised me to do this, I didn’t see it as something that can help. One day, randomly, I started writing about my feelings and emotions. Very soon I realized that I emptied the cup.

The actual advice that I got was that some of the feelings need to emerge out to acknowledge such emotions. That’s when they can evaporate out of our life.

23. Become the Minimalist
Being a minimalist

Being a minimalist now doesn’t mean that you throw away everything that you have. We just become more aware and conscious about what we purchase going forward. It is important to realize that not everything that we buy adds value to our lives. Buy things that are only absolutely necessary and something that can last much longer.

Start making things at home from what you have, you learn to create, cook and do so much more.

Think about this one for a second. By now we have realized that we can do without fancy dinners, cars, drinking, and living the false lives. This isolation has brought ups and downs for many people, however, it has also shown us the value of a few things.

The only thing that matters, really, is the family, love ones, health, and financial stability. The fewer things that we have in our lives that distract us from life’s most precious gifts, the better for us.

Just imagine, how much money can be saved. By going into a minimalist lifestyle one can benefit a lot and also ensure that the world’s resources are not over-utilized. This creates a whole new world for us, gives us more time to spend with our family and friends.

If you were to choose only one of these daily habits, then this must be it.

24. Don’t escape life
Don't escape life

Nothing we do can be purely satisfying, especially when we are looking to get a quick escape. We watch movies or hang out with friends, go out drinking, we do all of that to escape our lives and its problems. In that case, we truly not enjoying anything, when the distraction is over, we are back to feeling miserable all over again.

It’s ridiculously tough, harsh and gets really tough – Confronting ourselves.

Before I dive right into it, let me share an example.

Let’s say that we have a leaking water supply problem in the kitchen. The water keeps dripping, it is especially awful at night to hear the droplets. When we are busy during the day, in the ambient noise in the background, it could be TV or radio, the sound is barely noticeable. However, at some point, the noise stops and we can hear the tap leaking again.

Although it may seem like a minuscule of a problem, it has the ability to continue to bother us. The longer we delay fixing it, the longer we potentially suffer. What’s possible is that we might build selective hearing and try to block it. Deep inside we truly know that it hasn’t been taken care of.

In many ways, life is no different than the above-mentioned situation. Spend time to confront yourself, start with simple things that can be easily solved. As when you take care of little problems, you will continue to build the courage to deal with some of the bigger things. Practice this daily, believe me, the results will simply “surprise you”

25. Eat Healthily
eat healthily

This whole pandemic situation has made me realized the importance of a healthy body and mind. What should have been a top priority for everyone but we kept ignoring for a long time. Pandemic or not, eating healthy is one of those customs that will enable us to do better in life.

By eating healthy, I mean to rely more on natural foods such as vegetables and fruits and nuts. Reduce the amount of processed or pre-cooked meals, they are low on nutrition but are packed with many artificial flavors and toxic chemicals.

Fruits and vegetables are full of essential nutrients and other essential benefits. They have a huge impact on how you feel, energy levels, and elevate mood as well. The benefit may not be seen overnight, but continue to eat them frequently, results won’t be far.

26. Communication

Remember those days, when you had a group of 20-25 friends and acquaintances. Now we are in contact with only a couple of them, did life get the better of us?

You don’t have to necessarily reach out to all of them in one night, start with the least awkward ones. I struggle with social anxiety and it is hard for me to reach out to people, especially out of the blue. You will be surprised to know that many of those friends would have been thinking about reaching out to you as well.

Just like all the daily habits or rituals, we have to learn to start small and then continue to build upon it. You would agree with me that nothing in life is easy. Similarly, these habit-forming rituals can also be difficult in our day to day lives, However, if you are reading this article then you have partly made up your mind to do something about the way we live and are willing to go the extra mile.

27. Change things around
Change things around

None of like monotony, most of us hate our jobs and aspects of life due to its monotonous nature. Some of the aspects may not be in your control but most of them could be.

Considering that most of us are working from at the moment, it can be really beneficial to move things around. Once in a while!

Although this may not be one of those things that you do every day, most likely as and when it is feasible. This is also related to the movement topic that we talked about. A lot of times, there are blockages or energy barricades that are created in our homes too. By simply moving things around will create an energy flow within your home.

If you simply recall the last time you change the set up around the house, as simple as moving the bed or your desk to a different side, then you would remember the value it adds. You probably didn’t know about the energy flow.

Plus, who wouldn’t like a new set up in the house. A tiny bit of redecoration can be a good thing.

28. Get RID of the baggage.
Get rid of the clutter

Well, this one applies to both spiritual and material aspects of life. We will talk about the spiritual aspect some other time, I plan to write about that very soon.

Removing the clutter and baggage from the house is critically important for the positive energy to circulate. Another benefit of moving things around the house is that it is going to surface plenty of things that are no longer in need. I understand that some things may have an emotional value attached to it. The specific things that I am referring to are the ones that don’t add any value to you at the moment.

It could be old clothes that no longer fit you or a piece of furniture or cutlery that you don’t use any more. There are always people who can benefit from such things and relieve you off of the unwanted things. Again, for some people, this may not qualify as daily habits but maybe a periodic check. However, I believe that following this practice daily will enable you to keep the clutter from building up.

There’s great value in giving away things because although they may not be of value to us anymore, they can be of great help to someone else. These little things can really improve your mental state and keep you free from so much of attachment.

29. Unwind

All of these daily habits or practices matter to everyone, in a different order but it does matter. However, doing everything to have a perfect and productive day is important. What’s also important is to unwind from the day as well.

Can you imagine going through a day full schedule and to-do lists, eat dinner and just asleep right off the bat?

I don’t know about you guys, but that doesn’t sound exciting to me. Of course, we all have that one day when we can’t help it. What we need to remember is to not make this as our regular habit. Take a break from the workday, play with your family, watch the sunset, watch a movie, laugh, and share happiness.

It has a serious impact on how you sleep and wake up, and how you feel the next day. When you give yourself time to break free from the chaos, relax and rejuvenate, there’s a greater chance of you getting back the next day with more rigor.

We all want that right…

Why not, we all deserve it, our family and loved ones deserve it. Let’s make this our part of daily habits that we can do without.

30. Gratitude

When you get down in bed for that much-deserved sleep full of rest and relaxation, just spend a few minutes thinking about the blessings you have in your life. They can be as simple as having a roof over your head, a bed to sleep, a blanket to comfort you, food on the table. The list can go on forever.

Just remember to be grateful for everything that you have. Every night, be grateful for at least 3 things in your life. When you begin to focus on and see life this way, everything will begin to transform. Why not spend a few moments of our life being thankful for everything that we have rather than just surrounding ourselves with wants all the time.

We can also be thankful for the people that we have in our life, be thankful for people who left you too. In the grand scheme of things, some people didn’t belong in your journey. Let go of them and be grateful for the good times you had.

Just be grateful.

Let’s wrap it up…

Well, this was a long one and took me a while to write this up too. Thank you for hanging in there through this post. If you have tried these daily habits, be sure to come back and let me know how it went. If some things didn’t work out, then we can figure out a way to do them better. In case you have been following some of these rituals, do let me know in the comments below.

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