Five Books To Keep Your Mind Positive

I am sharing a list of books that will help in keeping your mind positive during difficult days.

Books To Keep Your Mind Positive

The last week has been all of overthinking, being super quiet and pondering why?……99% of life is what happens to us and 1% is how we react to it. And the universe has its own plan for all of us.

I thought what to write this week when I realized for the rest of the year left with us, I think it is high time we made our mind strong. I shuffled my library and took out the books that helped me to recover from a very low phase in my life.

We all have such phases as students, job seekers, relationship partners, etc, we all have low phases and it is absolutely normal. Because if you cannot survive the night, you won’t be able to see the sunrise. In fact, always be thankful for your bad phases because most of our inner growth happens there. We emerge out stronger and wiser from our failures in life. Never give up in your low phases. It shall pass too.  

So, here is the list of five books, out of which I want you to read at least two of them for the rest of this year. Trust me this year is all about being strong and hopeful. It will always be remembered in the history of the world.

My list of Top Five Positive Reads

1. The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

This book, I really want to credit for saving my own life too. It is written by a church priest (Clergy) named as Norman Vincent Peale. He has described a lot of cases in his book where people have come to him for healing.

I do not know what magic this book has but it really helped me. In fact, I followed the healing methods described in the book too. I made some positive cards and used to keep them in my wallet and read them often in a day.

I was broken to that extent at that time. Read if you are willing to surrender your heart and mind to this universe or god.

2. Who will cry when I die? By Robin Sharma

I have also read his famous book called “Monk who sold his Ferrari” but this book is my all-time favorite among the three books of this author I have read.

This book is very simple and full of the number of ways which will help you to live your life meaningfully and connect to the world too. I have gifted this book to my friend after reading. It is a beautiful book if you are really trying to live your life happily.

3. Who moved my cheese? By John Spenser

This book is pretty small and talks about the struggles of two rats out of which one decides to move on. And the other decides to be there cribbing and crying about the situation that happened to him.

It’s about moving on in life if you are hanging in there for too long. Just move on out of it.

4. Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

This is a very powerful book, might shake your nerves. You will understand it only if you really want to do so. The book is basically about the psychology of our selves.

Look, there are always two sides to reality. One which is the reality and other which we have in our minds. So, there are various topics in the book that channelize our minds towards a certain goal in our lives be it happiness, be it clearing an exam or anything.

I also have achieved yearly goals every year which gives me a certain sense of direction to live.

 5. Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

If you are a good reader, you would have already read this book. I have seen people reading it again and again. In this book, the author has written that whatever happens in life is eventually connected.

In the end, you are going to find all the answers why does that thing happen to you in the beginning. Not so strong in my list, but I have read and enjoyed it.


There is a long list of self-help books. I started my reading journey with them. I have read more than 20 self-help books when I started reading. It was a very very low phase in my life. And trust me these books helped me a lot.

Remember one thing, they will only help you if you really want to help yourself. The willingness to bounce back and live your life purposefully should be within ourselves.

Thank you for reading again, again, and again. It means a lot.

See you next Sunday!

Swati Omprakash

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1 year ago

I love everything you write!!This post is really helpful.

saurabh jaiswal
saurabh jaiswal
1 year ago

Thank you for writing📝 again, again, and again. It means a lot to us 👍👍👍💛

Rajendra kulkarni
Rajendra kulkarni
1 year ago

You are awesome ,keep inspiring dost..

Abdul khader Jeelan
Abdul khader Jeelan
1 year ago

Asusual 👌👌👌

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