5 Bitter Truths About Life You Need To Accept Soon

5 Bitter Truths About Life You Need To Accept Soon

We all want a Disney movie kind of life wherein the beginning things are perfect, they get worse, and eventually back to normal. The Bitter Truths about life tell us something different.

Hold on, don’t get sad or lose hope, that’s not what this post is about. I want you to gain an understanding of what I actually mean by that. Let’s face it, there are always these things that we realize later in life and accept them for the way they are.

Why not point them out here, and start our journey on a much more peaceful path.

Why Should We Accept These Bitter Truths?

Believing in something that we know deep inside that is not true, is the harshest thing that we can do to ourselves. Some of the realities in our lives are only realized when it’s too late. When we accept some things the way they are and for what they are, we will always be in peace with how they turn out.

In addition, it is also a factor that will keep us less attached to things, and as a result, we won’t be left sad when we lose them. It can also prepare us to face some of the things that we are genuinely afraid of. In other words, accepting these bitter truths can make you a lot stronger to face anything that’s thrown at you.

Here are the 5 Bitter Truths About Life

Here are the 5 Bitter Truths About Life

1. People Will Come & Go, Very Few Stay

Have heard the quote that goes something like, “If you really love someone, let them go and If it comes back to you then it was meant to be yours”. Yes, I know, I agree that it sounds cheesy but come to think of it makes sense though. We always hang to people like a monkey that holds to a branch for his life. Oh yeah, this is not a swing at people that love someone dearly and hold on to them. But then it’s an ideal situation where they reciprocate.

I am referring to people that are afraid to let go of other people because they have always dreamed about a perfect world together and the thought of losing makes them anxious. However, if they really wanted to stay, they’d show with their actions. You wouldn’t be sitting there wondering why they are going to leave you unless you struggle with paranoia.

You will always have people come into your life, stay for a while, and then walk away. It’s important to cherish and enjoy those moments and be strong enough to let them go when they want to. There’s no point in keeping them in a relationship (friends or acquaintances or lovers) when they don’t want to. It can quickly turn toxic and will not be healthy for either of you.

2. You will learn, execute, fail, learn and succeed.

Life throws a variety of situations at us. It will give us an opportunity to learn first, if you stay focused then you get to execute what you learn. In some cases, you fail horribly and if you are motivated, you will learn from the failure. When you remain consistent you will eventually succeed.

This can be the life cycle of most situations in our life, never hesitate to learn and don’t be afraid to fail. No, it’s not a motivational attempt to tell you what everyone says, that success lies in failures, they are the stepping stones, and more such clich√© phrases.

However, it’s the truth. You can ask any successful person, how many times have they failed. They’d tell you that more than the number of times they have succeeded. If they were afraid of failing, they wouldn’t be where they are right now.

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done. But come on, let’s go back and imagine for a second, aren’t we generally scared of losing. Can you also imagine how many times we don’t do certain things because of that?

If we know that this is one of those bitter truths in life that is only going to prove right with time. I hope it’s not too late by then.

3. Our Problems Will Eventually Go Away

That’s the trick and a trap. It works for some people, for others, it just hinders their peace of mind. Let’s consider this, I don’t recall where I read or heard this one but I think it applies here. Oh wait, it’s from the book called “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck”.

Ok, again, let’s consider this. We get pleasure even happiness from solving problems. We like to constantly create problems, find a solution and gain a sense of achievement out of it and that process, in turn, makes us happy. I mean the process of solving the problem. We find a job, after a few months we create a problem called “Buy A New Car”. We go through the process of a bank loan, it can be tedious sometimes. Wait for the bank to give you approval.

When you finally get that car, you have solved a major problem. That makes you happy, the car brings you joy. After a while though, you don’t get the same pleasure and happiness from that car. You will look for an upgrade, there you go that’s a new problem.

That was just a casual example, we do plenty of things like those that invite problems in our life. Taking up the wrong job, getting in the wrong relationships, and things like that. Of course, there are going to other problems which are far more serious and stressful.

We are naturally programmed to solve problems. If we constantly look for solutions, the problems to a certain extent won’t matter. I am not saying that it’s good to have problems in life, besides the ones that we create, they can be really hindering our mental state.

Regardless of how well life is, we will be thrown in front of a challenge. The best way to handle this is to always find a solution.

4. Things Won’t Be As They Should Be

Remember that Disney movie scenario from the beginning of this post. There’s never gonna be an ideal world; period. Not all of us think and behave the same way. Let’s recall the most recent protest that shook the world but divided it into 3.

Why divided you would say?

That’s because some people believe in that cause, some are against it and the rest don’t care enough to do anything about it. For example, take a farmer protest in India, BLM movement in the USA, or the Peruvian political crisis. There is always a division of opinion. When such a difference of opinion exists, there can’t be an ideal world.

The more you focus on and worry about the outside world, the more it is going to take you away from what you should be doing.

5. You Will Never Find Ideal Love

There’s tinder where we can find an ideal person, hopefully, an ideal love. Those perfect pictures, interesting bio, you and her/him like the same things. It’s gotta be a perfect match especially with the match score of 99%.

Well, my friend, it ain’t gonna be like that. We know it. Yeah, this is not just about tinder or match or any other dating app. Nothing against them, I know people have found their partners through these apps and they are happy (not all of them though).

The movies we watch, ads we see, songs we listen to, all of that has us believe that there’s an ideal love with all the perfect qualities waiting for you. I am glad you are reading this, it is not going to happen. The people we come across will always show or display their best traits when you first meet them. Even a couple of more times later. Gradually, you find that the person also has qualities that you didn’t sign up to deal with them.

Everyone’s going to have flaws, nobody’s perfect, and with all that, it is going to be easy to deal with a partner when things go wrong. But then that’s life, you may not get an ideal partner but can you build an ideal relationship. Hell, yeah!

We are going to have to look beyond the flaws and see the person for who they are. Create a love affair that is filled with trust, compassion, love, and excitement. Show up every day with the same romance every day like you did on the first day. Do all the things that are ideal whether or not you have an ideal partner.


That’s It

That’s all folks, I hope that this blog didn’t bring you down. Sometimes it is always great to face the truth no matter how bitter or tough it is. We often, live in the future and simply fail to acknowledge the present, and build so many false expectations from life that we are headed towards disappointment.

We don’t need to take life so seriously, have fun more and relax as much as we can and never be afraid to do the things that we want to do. Do you think there was something else that qualifies as bitter truths?

Well, hello there…Did you read my last post though?

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