Are EntrepreNaaris Left Behind Even In the 21st Century?

Let's EntrepreNaaris' Evolve

“I want every little girl who has been told she is bossy; to be told again she has leadership skills.”

Sheryl Sandberg

Whenever you visit any working organization. what do you observe there?

A lackluster number of women employees. You can contemplate for a while and contemplation is perhaps the best. The presence of women in the world of work is highly skewed especially in the field of startups.

A month ago, we all heard a name, Falguni Nair who launched her IPO (Initial Public Offerings) for the Nyka.

Across the world, Only 20 startups are founded by women that initiated an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and are currently trading. If we talk about India, among the total population, 49% are women but own only 13.76% of the enterprises and are founders of 6% of Indian startups.

Did anyone try to cogitate about the reason that why there is such a lackluster number of women entrepreneurs?

Some of you might say ‘yes’ and some of you will have no idea.

So, let me first scribble down the qualities that entrepreneurs should have:

  • Entrepreneurs should have the capacity for risk-taking.
  • They should be confident and competitive.
  • They should have a long vision.
  • They should also have the quality of “Scalability.”

But some people have very flawed views regarding women, that they cannot master the above qualities because they have a family to look after and once indulged in the family they will lose interest in their work.

The struggle for women is not over yet. Even investors ask different questions from women as compared to men.

So, the first thing that needs to be done is “Venture Capital Firm” should appoint more women, so they can understand the situation better. Investor group with more male in the lead leads to investment committees male-dominated.

It’s time to separate startups and gender. Let’s come together to bridge the gap between men and women entrepreneurs and encourage everyone’s idea by ignoring how big or small their idea is because “Idea demands Execution and all rational ideas should be executed.”

Today we are living in a perfect startup system. Around 40 startups entered the unicorn club this year.

So, If you have any business idea then –

  • Take it forward.
  • Create a solid plan.
  • Have well defined Niche.
  • Know your Target Group.
  • Set your goals.
  • Hire wisely.

There are still a lot of stereotypes in a contemporary society that needs to be questioned and ” The more we can break the stereotypes the better off we are going to be.”

Hope there will be a day when every “EntrpreNaari” will go to BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and ring the bell.

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