What Is 5G Network And What Are Its Benefits?

*Are you curious about when the 5G network is coming to India?


We can’t stop using mobile phones, since we tend to use them all the time when we are awake. Sometimes, we sleep while using it. All the craze towards the mobile phone started because of the increased usage of Web usage. This web usage was found to get improvised through the evolution of mobile technology along with its network carrier configurations.

When the phone was invented with 1G (name not realized while it was put into use), our requirement was just to make a phone call without expecting anything.

Now in 2021, we don’t even get satisfied with a web speed of around 1Gbps in 4G (peak speed). We try to develop a tech that can give as much as speed of around 20 Gbps. Achieving this kind of tech is challenging yet beneficial if it gets into usage successfully.

What is 5G in Mobile Networking First?

5G is a term given for the technology that gives higher and more stable on-demand network speed. It comes closer to the stable and reliable speed that broadband users experience.

We all know 4G can ideally give a peak speed of around 1 Gbps, which is not consistent enough to deliver such speed to all the users irrespective of the location.

So, that’s what 5G is trying to achieve through many drastic tech changes in the arena of Mobile Networking.

What are the benefits of 5G Network over 4G?

When we speak about any Technological advancement, it is necessary to know its benefits that it could impart to the users of that Technology. Some of the projected benefits of 5G advancements in mobile networking in India:

  • Having the users to experience the high yet consistent internet speeds of around 20 Gbps, if it gets into force.
  • The dialing speeds that we experience with the current 4G tech is getting fastened, which can connect to a call in a few milliseconds after the caller initiates the call to some people.
  • Higher pool of devices can be connected at the same time, without compromising the connectivity of each devices so that it can put froth to the smoother internet surfing or streaming experience.
  • The broadband kind of on-demand internet services to the users even while they commute between various places in a day.
  • 5G mobile networks promise its users with high level security while using it.
  • It can aid the usage of various IoT and Cloud computing devise.

Is 5G Network already in-force in India?

The answer for this question will be no. Since, 5G upgrades need many high technological and expensive infrastructure to be built, still the 5G is not put into use for all. However, telecom giant like Airtel have started ruling out 5G to its users in some places and Jio has said that it will be launching the 5G Service in the 2nd Quarter of the year 2021.

5G Network will be available to all the users in India, the answer will be around 2022. This is as per the popular newspaper article saying that the Government is planning to launch in 2022.

What are the challenges in implementing 5G or putting it into use for all in India?

Before improvising and implementing any technology, there will be more challenges towards the execution of the advancements. Some of those are discussed below.

1. RAN Densification

Densifying the Radio Access Network (RAN) is necessary when trying to achieve high speed. This can be achieved by the distribution of the services to the relatively lower subscribers so as to improve and densify the network.

2. Unified Cellular Architecture

The 5G RAN architecture should be designed in such a way that it is able to support various Random Access Technologies (RAT) by the utilization of MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output).

3. Providing affordable yet effective 5G Speeds to all

India is a country which is believing and using broadband connection due to its lower cost, maintenance, reliability, and consistency in speeds. Thus, trying to compete with such lower cost curated broadband plans are tougher when try to give the 5G speeds in the hands of all subscribers by spending huge expenditure in building the infrastructure that supports it.

4. IP Switching / Transport

Proper IP Switching / Transport is to be enabled in 5G network in order to enhance the security that it promises to its users after its inception and implementation.


5G in mobile network is being in the talk for more than 5 years from now. However, it is still not yet fully developed, tested, and distributed to all the mobile subscribers in India.

Thus, we should have the patience till 2022 as sources say, to experience the true features and benefits of 5G.

When we start using the 5G, we can eventually aid other diversified applications like AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, Smart Homes, etc. However, we have to still ensure that we don’t get carried away by using these.

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