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10 Unknown Facts About Indian Spices

Aromas and extreme colors, Indian spices are well known for that. As a matter of fact, most of the spices don’t just have aromatic qualities. Their medicinal properties are also the reason why they are well known. For that reason, Ayurveda has used them in healing various ailments.

Photo by Marion Botella

Is there anything else to know about Indian spices?

Indian food recipe is incomplete without at least 5 spices in them. We also know about some of the health related attributes they offer. We are going to look at some of the other less known as well as interesting things about these spices. This should make you wonder that there is so much more than flavoring abilities.

Indian Spices and 10 unknown facts

1. We have used turmeric to heal wounds and body aches. Did you know that it is also a natural anti-venom for King Cobra Bites?

King cobra

2. Garnishing curries with coriander makes it look delicious and the fragrance is out of the world. On the other hand, Coriander also contains some phyto-chemicals that help in food from spoiling so soon.


3. Dried peppercorns (fruit) is what our black pepper is. In medieval ages, pepper corns were of a lot more worth than silver in weight.

Peppercorn was worth more in weight than silver.

4. Hing or asafoetida is used in tempering foods that tend to create a build-up of gas in stomach. Moreover, it may also help women in relieving menstrual pains.

relieve menstrual pain with hing

5. Even the Egyptians used cumin seeds as a spice for cooking. Not only that, they also used it as a preservative in the mummification process.

Interesting Facts, right?

interesting facts

6. Nutmeg and Mace are used in Indian cooking quite frequently. However, until the 18th century, Indonesia was the only country that was growing it. When the Dutch took control of the country, It was their richest possession at the time. They ran the tightest monopolies that we will ever know.

Sounds like mafia of old times.

7. Fenugreek or Methi seeds have been used in traditional medicine. Surprisingly, in some parts of North Africa, ground fenugreek along with the combination of sugar and olive oil was eaten by women to gain weight.

weighing scale showing increased weight
When weight gain was the thing.

8. Modern science discovered that saffron has immune modulation, anti-depressant and sex-stimulant properties in them. Additionally, Alexander the great used saffron in his infusions as a cure for battle wounds.

9. Europe, Asia and Mediterranean regions have been using mustard seeds for centuries. Whereas, in India and Denmark mustard seeds are spread around the house to ward off evil. Phew!

Whatever works, eh!

10. All red chilies are hot, some are hotter than the other. As a matter of fact, one of the hottest chilly pepper in the world comes from Assam (India). This “Ghost Chili or Bhut Jolokia” measures over a million on a Scoville Scale and that is a lot. To put it another way, it is 400 times more hotter than Tabasco.


Well, there’s your list of unknown facts about our age old and traditional Indian Spices. Without delay, let’s check out our other blog posts to satisfy your reading cravings.

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8 months ago

Hands down, India has one of the best spices in the world.

10 months ago

i loved reading this. nice.

aditya prakash pandey
10 months ago

yeah indian spices have a different flavour dude

World updates today
10 months ago

Great information! Indian spices have a lot of benefits for our health.

10 months ago

Nice article with cool images

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